Students are encouraged to schedule appointments outside of the school day.  In order to leave school during the day students must bring a note to the Attendance Office before school or during nutrition.  Notes must include: Student name, date, reason for leaving early, parent/guardian signature, and a phone number. 

If there is no note and an Early-out is needed, a parent or guardian must come into the Attendance Office to pick up the student.  Please allow approximately 20 minutes to process the request and pull the student from class.  Be sure to bring identification to campus for admittance. 

If your student is leaving early due to sickness, please sign him or her out from the Nurse's Office.


• Students are responsible for clearing their absence(s) within 5 days.
• Students must bring a signed note from a parent or guardian with the student's name, grade level, date(s) of absence(s), and reason for absence(s) to the Attendance Office before school, nutrition, lunch, or after school.  (Faxes and emails are not accepted.)
• Students must fill out a re-admit form in the Attendance Office.
• The pink copy of the re-admit will be given to the student.
• Students take the pink copy of the re-admit to EVERY TEACHER whose class they missed.
• Students keep the signed pink re-admit form for their records.
• Make-up work for the classes missed must be completed in a timely manner.  Check class syllabus for course specific requirements for making up missed assignments.
• Re-admits for any suspension (in house ACE, home, truancy center, etc.) are issued by the student’s Assistant Principal’s secretary. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the re-admit!

Too many unexcused/unverified absences will lead to disciplinary action and may include a police citation for truancy.  (See below for information on truancy letters.)


Attendance Office Hours for Students to Obtain Re-admits and Early-outs
Before School  6:30 - 7:40
Nutrition  9:48 - 9:58
Lunch  12:04 - 12:34
After School   2:40  -  3:55


Arriving late to school

Wilson Classical High School students are expected to be in class on time. If you are late to class, the consequences range from detention to a period of OCS (On Campus Supervision). If you miss a class because of being in OCS, you must present your OCS slip to your teacher to get make-up work.

If you are less than ten minutes late arriving to period 1, you will receive a tardy slip and proceed to class. The first 2 tardies are issued as warnings, the third tardy will result in a 30 minute detention. Subsequent tardies will result in additional detentions and/or administrative progressive discipline.

If you arrive later than ten minutes because of a doctor/dentist/court appointment, show your note (on letterhead stationery - parent notes are not accepted) at the front door and proceed to the Attendance Office for a readmit.  If you do not have a note from your doctor or dentist you must go to OCS.


Truancy letters

Truancy letters are sent out from the Long Beach Unified School District on a monthly basis.  Truancy letters are triggered by as few as three unverified period absences.  Students and parents should check SchoolLoop frequently.  Absences marked by mistake should be reported to the teacher right away so errors can be corrected.   All absences should be cleared within 5 days.  Parents, if you receive a truancy letter, print out your student's attendance in SchoolLoop, sign and date for the excused absences, include the reason for the absence and have your student take the signed print out to the Attendance Office for clearance of those absences.