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Physical Education

Physical Education Academic Room C-11 Monday and Wednesday 3-4pm

This room is for students who need to do make-up PE work and is assigned by their teacher.

Department Mission

Build a better citizen through physical education activities.



Students will sustain a healthy level of physical activity throughout their life.



Character development
Success of all students
Personal fitness

Fitnessgram pacer and mile calculator

Go to the link below

scroll to the section  2013-14 PFT BMI and VO2max Calculator with Healthy Fitness Zones®

enter the information asked for and you can see what score or time you need to pass the fitnessgram pacer or mile test.



Physical Fitness Testing Commonly Asked Questions


Why do we test?

Required by State of California


Who do we test?

All 9th grade students enrolled in a class that give PE exemption or credit, all 10th and 11th grade students who have not passed at least 5 out of the 6 fitness tests.

What happens when students do not pass or have not been tested by end of their 10th grade year?

Students who have not passed at least 5 out of the 6 fitness test will be required to enroll in an elective Physical Education class, or a class that qualifies for Physical Education credit or exemption. They will have to take a class their junior and senior grades unless they re-test at end of junior year to be exempt their senior year.

 When can I re-test?

Only during the testing window which is Feburary to May.

Can they graduate if they do not pass their 5 out of 6 fitness test? 

Yes. Passing the fitness test is not a requirement of graduation.

Breaux, Ron
Briceno, Carlos
Teacher - PE
Clear, Ms.
Hall, Andy
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Marion, Mr. S
P.E. / Surf / Gymnastics Coach
Mohr, Mrs.
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