Matt Holliday (Varsity)

Holliday pass 2.jpg

Kealii Pa'aluhi (Varsity)

Kealii Spike.jpg

Ryan Espeleta (Varsity)

Ryan Block.jpg

Waiting for the Bus to Cabrillo

Waiting for the Bus to Cabrillo

FS Getting Ready for Los Al

FS Getting Ready for Los Al

Nick Campbell (FS)

Nick Campbell (FS)

Henry Littleworth (FS)

Henry Littleworth (FS)

Blake Chatman (FS)

Blake Chatman (FS)

Jake Allen (2015)

Jake Allen

Scott Buzak (2015)

Scott Buzak

Matt Miller (2015)

Matt Miller

Holliday Platform (2015)

Holliday Platform

Hollis Yurish (2015)

Hollis Yurish

Riley Sena (2015)

Riley Sena

Nathan Frazier (2015)

Nathan Frazier

Hollis and Tobin with the Block (2015)

Hollis and Tobin with the Block

Frazier Jump Serve (2015)

Frazier Jump Serve

Kealii Serve Receive (2015)

Kealii Serve Receive

Holliday with the Block (2015)

Holliday with the Block

Jake Allen Reaches Back (2015)

Jake Allen Game Face

Baker (2015)


Nolan Peterson (JV 2015)

Nolan Peterson (JV)

Ryan Espeleta (JV 2015)

Ryan Espeleta (JV)

Adrian Torres (JV 2015)

Adrian JV

Floyd Johnson (JV 2015)

Floyd Johnson (JV)

Jack Hughes (FS 2015)

Jack Hughes (FS)

Anthony Gomez (FS 2015)

Anthony Gomez (FS)

Giovanni Fuentes (FS 2015)

Giovanni Fuentes (FS)

Nathan Sok (FS 2015)

Nathan Sok (FS)

Volleyball - Boys

Varsity 2016

Varsity 2016

JV 2016

JV 2016

FS 2016

FS 2016

2015 Varsity Volleyball Team

2015 Varsity Volleyball Team

Congratulations Wilson Alumni Dustin Watten and Team USA!

The USA Men's Volleyball Team won the gold medal in the FIVB Men's Volleyball World Cup on Wednesday. In the final match, USA defeated Argentina in four sets to bring home their first World Cup title in 30 years.

The USA Men's Volleyball Team has now qualified for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero next summer.

Wilson alumni, Dustin Watten (class of 2004) is a member of the gold medal winning USA Men's Volleyball Team.

Congratulations Dustin and Team USA!

USA Wins World Cup

Dustin Watten - Team USA Profile


Josh Tobin Senior Night (2015)

2014-2015 All Moore League Selections

Josh Tobin (1st Team All Moore League)

Jake Allen (2nd Team All Moore League)

Matt Holliday (2nd Team All Moore League)

Matt Miller  (2nd Team All Moore League)

2015 Boys Volleyball All Moore League Teams

Kealii Pa'aluhi (2015)

Kealii Pa'aluhi

Holliday out of the Backrow (2015)

Miller from Buzak (2015)

Miller from Buzak

2015 Junior Varsity- Coach Noel Llopis

2015 Wilson JV Team with Coach Noel Llopis

Ryan Randolph (JV 2015)

Ryan Randolph

2015 Frosh Soph- Coach Matt Clatterbuck

2015 Frosh Soph Volleyball Team

Robby Metchser (FS 2015)

Robby Metchser (FS)

Head Coach Information

Boys Varsity Volleyball Coach

Jeremy Cook


Boys Volleyball Championships

Moore League Championships

1989, 1990, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009

Boys Volleyball 2016 Summer Camp Information

2016 Off Season Training Opportunity (May and June)

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2016 Varsity Statistics

2016 Moore League Results (All Levels-FS,JV, Varsity)

Varsity Summer League 2015 (Valley HS- Santa Ana)


13-1 Overall Record. Here are links to some footage from the summer league

Wilson vs. Kennedy 7/8/15

Wilson vs. Valley 7/8/15

Wilson vs. Century 7/13/15

Wilson vs. Westminster 7/13/15

Wilson vs. Bolsa Grande (Round 2) 7/20/15

Wilson vs. Valley (Round 2) 7/20/15

Wilson vs. Century (Round 2) 7/22/15

Boys Volleyball Schedule of Events

Wilson Boys Volleyball Important Links

Adrian Torres (Varsity)

Adrian Spike.jpg

Matt Miller (Varsity)

Miller Tip.jpg

Solomon Nixon (Varsity)

Solomon Set.jpg

Matt Holliday (Varsity)

Matt Holliday (Varsity)

Jake Allen Game Face (2015)

Jake Allen.jpg

Josh Tobin (2015)

Josh Tobin

Chris Baker (2015)

Chris Baker

Matt Holliday (2015)

Matt Holliday

Solomon Nixon (2015)

Solomon Nixon

Buzak to Miller (2015)

Buzak to Miller

Miller and Baker with the Roof (2015)

Miller and Baker Block Party

Buzak Jump Set (2015)

Scott Buzak Sets.jpg

Riley With the Set (2015)

Riley With the Set

Holliday around the block (2015)

Holliday around the block

Night Night (2015)

Night Night

Doug Menjivar (JV 2015)

Doug Menjivar (JV)

Connor Merrill (JV 2015)

Connor Merrill (JV)

Zach Tankersley (JV 2015)

Zach Tankersley (JV)

Randolph and Merrill with the Block (JV 2015)

Randolph and Merrill with the Block (JV)

Nathan Sok (FS 2015)

Nathan Sok (FS)

Jason Lin (FS 2015)

Jason Lin (FS)

Charlie Nicholson (FS 2015)

Charlie Nicholson (FS)