General Meetings:

Location Wilson Media Center 6:30PM

January 9th

March 13th

April 10th

May 15th

Parent Involvement Locker

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PTSA Membership Information

Please come & support the Wilson High School PTSA in our many activities and programs during the school year.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month in the Media Center on Campus. These meetings are scheduled for 6:30 pm to enable as many parents as possible to attend. Agendas and minutes are posted on this website.

The PTSA is open to all parents, students, school staff and our local community. Your annual tax-deductible membership is offered in three levels:

General Membership - $10.00 per person

Student & Teacher Membership - $5 per person

Gold Membership - $20 or more per person

Please make your donation by cash or check payable to "Wilson PTSA" and return it with your student on their registration date or mail it to:

Wilson PTSA, c/o Wilson High School
4400 E 10th Street
Long Beach, CA  90804

An Official PTSA Envelope is not required, but please include your email address, your name, your student(s) name, phone number and address for future communications. Membership Cards & Directories can be picked up at PTSA meetings.



Greg Benedict                                          James Benedict

Tamera Benedict                                       Howie Bloxam

Maria Bloxam                                          Sophia Bloxam

Charles Howard                                      Katelyn Howard

Kris Howard                                             Charles Howard

Andrea Pollak                                            Brad Pollak

Dylan Pollak                                             Holly Torpey

John Torpey                                             Caden Van Horn

Heidi Van Horn

Red and Gold


Alicia Deleray                                           Kim Erkman

Lauren Friedman                                     Rena Johnson

Germaine Miller                                      Catherine Morris

Susie Ridgeway                                        Lukas Ryan

Amy Royle

Woody and Wilma


Matt Allyn                                                  Ella Amado

Marina Barcenas                                      Sweet Barrios

Kristin Berry                                               Laurie Berry

Robert Berry                                             Melody Bridge

Michelle Carranza                                     Peyton Carranza

Blanca Cordon                                          Monica Di Fiore

Jared Dissman                                          Lisa Dissman

Rob Dissman                                             Christina Dunn

Aaron Friedman                                       Karen Fullerton

Karen Guerero                                         Tony Guerero

Cathy Guzy                                                Denise Hall

Avery Haubert                                          Doug Haubert

Lisa Haubert                                              Beverly Higa

Douglas Jordan                                         Lucita Jordan

Stacy King                                                  Elizabeth Lambe

Claudia Leao                                             Ronald Leao

Liz Mayo                                                    Patty Mazon

Claudia McCoy                                         Jennifer McCoy

Robert McCoy                                          Gonzalo Moraga

Steven Nottingham                                 Connie Polite

Maggie Polite                                           Sam Polite

Noelle Polmanteer                                    Eric Rael

Laurie Rael                                                Emma Royle

Scott Royle                                               Wendy Salaya

Jon Sweeney                                             Kathy Sweeney

Jovie Tavares                                            Wendy Whelan

Tanya Williams                                        Carla Wingfield

Diana Wooden



PTA Information

Wilson PTSA

c/o Wilson High School
4400 E 10th Street
Long Beach, CA  90804


Long Beach Council PTSA

1515 Hughes Way, Suite 227

Long Beach, CA 90810



33rd (Thirty-Third) District PTSA

5629 Pearce Avenue

Lakewood, CA 90712

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1235

Lakewood, CA 90714
Phone: 562-804-4519


California State PTA

2327 L Street

Sacramento, CA 95816-5014
Phone: (916) 440-1985 Fax: (916) 440-1986


National PTA

National PTA Headquarters
1250 N. Pitt Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone: (800) 307-4782
Fax: (703) 836-0942

The National PTA (National Congress of Parents and Teachers) is a volunteer educational organization, founded in Washington, D.C., in 1897. Branches of the National PTA have been established in all 50 United States, the District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands, and in schools for American dependents in Europe and the Pacific area.

The California State PTA (California Congress of Parents, Teachers, and Students, Inc.) is a branch of the National PTA, serving as a connecting link between the national organization and its membership within the state.

District PTAs are geographical divisions of the California State PTA, established to carry out its programs. All PTA districts organized after July 1, 1980, are required to have number designations.

Councils of PTAs/PTSAs are created by the California State PTA for the purpose of conference, leadership training, and coordination of efforts of the member units.

Unit PTAs are organized and chartered in conformity with rules and regulations as prescribed in the bylaws of the California State PTA. These units are self-governing bodies for the purpose of planning programs and activities to meet local community needs. However, they are required to observe policies of the California State PTA and/or National PTA.