Parking Lot Cage & Federation Drive closed Monday, 9/29
Hello Bruins!  On. Monday, September 29th the Parking Lot Cage (Blair Field) and Federation Drive will be closed due to filming.  Plan accordingly Bruins!   Continue
Posted by: Erin Fekjar
Published: 9/25/14

Spirit Day is Friday, September 26th!
Bruins!  The last Friday of each month is Spirit Day.  This means that you can wear any combination of school colors:  cardinal, gold and white with your Wilson issued T-shirts.  Show your Bruin pride by wearing those cardinal ... Continue
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Published: 9/23/14

Freshmen Elections tomorrow
Attention the Class of 2018!  Freshmen Elections will be held during your English classes on Wednesday, September 24th.  Good luck to all the candidates. Continue
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Published: 9/23/14

Minimum Day 9/30
Due to Middle School Back - to - School Night, Tuesday, September 30th is a minimum day. ZERO period begins at 7:03am on minimum days.  Period 6 will be dismissed at 12:40pm.  Continue
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Published: 9/23/14

Back - To - School Night October 7th
Bruins!  Back to School Night will be held Tuesday, October 7th.  Classroom presentations will begin with 0/7 period at 6pm and Period 1 will begin at 6:20pm.  A flyer will be sent home next week. 

Highlights for the evening... Continue
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Published: 9/23/14

St Mary's Medical Center Red Shirt Internship
What better way to explore the health professions than by interning in a hospital setting!  The Red Shirt internship at St.Mary's Medical Center is looking for interns to start in the December rotation. Application deadline is Sept 30th.... Continue
Posted by: Robin Sroka
Published: 9/16/14

Lunch Pass UPDATE!


Attention Wilson Parents and Guardians:

Students in grades 10, 11, and 12 are able to obtain off campus lunch passes.  A parent/guardian signature is REQUIRED in order to process the pass. In the past a very ... Continue
Posted by: Erin Fekjar
Published: 9/16/14

CSU Campus Preview Days
What better way to explore a CSU than by visiting their campus. The attached list will provide dates and times for individual campus Preview Days! Continue
Posted by: Robin Sroka
Published: 9/12/14

College Representatives Visiting the Career Center
Each year the Career Center hosts admissions representatives from various colleges and universities, whose goals are to advise and inform students about their respective schools and programs. This list changes frequently so be sure to check regula... Continue
Posted by: Robin Sroka
Published: 9/11/14

CSULB College of Business Administration Open House
Learn about the College of Business Administration at CSULB Oct 4th from 9am-12pm. See flyer for more info Continue
Posted by: Robin Sroka
Published: 9/11/14

Career and College Center

MIssion Statement

To provide equal access to all students’ pursuit of career/college exploration and post-secondary options to ensure that all students are career and college ready citizens.

The Goals of Career Exploration Education

1. Inspire and excite students about what they are studying in school.

2. Connect students' educational  experiences to their real world experiences.

3. Expose students to pathways that are relevant to their individual hopes and dreams.


Need help with career or college exploration, employment options, financial aid assistance and more? The Wilson Career/College Center is your "one stop" shop for information on these topics and more. Here daily at 6:45am--3:15, open nutrition, lunch, and after school--please come by!

CSU College Fair

CSU College Fair

College and Career Resources on Pinterest

LBUSD College and Career Center Pinterest Page

Search the LBUSD's College and Career Center Pinterest account to find the right fit for you after high school.  Create a free Pinterest account at (if you don't already have one).  Then you will be able to learn more about specific areas by going to afterhighschool/boards to view any of the following College and Career Center boards:

Important Resources and Newsletters

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2014-2015 SAT and ACT TEST DATES

                    ACT Test Dates 2014-2015


Test Date

Registration Deadline

(Late Fee Required)

September 13, 2014

      August 8, 2014

         August 9–22, 2014

October 25, 2014

      September 19, 2014

         September 20–October 3, 2014

December 13, 2014

      November 7, 2014

         November 8–21, 2014

February 7, 2015*

      January 9, 2015

         January 10–16, 2015

April 18, 2015

        March 13, 2015

         March 14–27, 2015

June 13, 2015

      May 8, 2015

          May 9–22, 2015


Register at:

           Test Dates for SAT® and SAT Subject Tests



 Test Dates

 U.S./International Registration Deadline

 Late Registration Deadline (U.S. only)



 October 11                  

            September 12


 September 30

 November 8

            October 9


 October 28

 December 6

            November 6


 November 24

 January 24

            December 29


 January 13

 March 14

            February 13


 March 3

 May 2

            April 6


 April 21

 June 6

            May 8


 May 27


                                                          Register at:

The Key Changes to the SAT

Spring 2016

These will be among the changes in the new SAT, starting in the spring of 2016:

Instead of arcane “SAT words” (“depreciatory,” “membranous”), the vocabulary definitions on the new exam will be those of words commonly used in college courses, such as “synthesis” and “empirical.”

The essay, required since 2005, will become optional. Those who choose to write an essay will be asked to read a passage and analyze the ways its author used evidence, reasoning and stylistic elements to build an argument.

The guessing penalty, in which points are deducted for incorrect answers, will be eliminated.

The overall scoring will return to the old 1,600-point scale, based on a top score of 800 in reading and math. The essay will have a separate score.

Math questions will focus on three areas: linear equations; complex equations or functions; and ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning. Calculators will be permitted on only part of the math section.

Every exam will include, in the reading and writing section, source documents from a broad range of disciplines, including science and social studies, and on some questions, students will be asked to select the quotation from the text that supports the answer they have chosen.

Every exam will include a reading passage either from one of the nation’s “founding documents,” such as the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights, or from one of the important discussions of such texts, such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s “Letter From Birmingham Jail.”


What do you need to do to apply to LBCC for Fall ?

 High school students, who want to be part of Promise Pathways, need to complete:  

1. An LBCC Application

2. Go to an open testing session

3. The Pathways Agreement

4.The online orientation

 5.Make and attend a Counseling Appointment

click "online counseling"




LBCC Online Orientation

If you need to complete your online orientation for the Promise Pathways please visit:

Need An LBCC Counseling Appointment?

Did you know that you can avoid the constant busy signal to set up your counseling appointment by signing up online? Simply go to and click on the Counseling heading and then on ACADEMICS!

Promise Pathways Agreement

Financial Aid ~~JANUARY 1ST - MARCH 2ND

To maximize your chances of receiving the money you need for college, apply early, apply accurately, and meet all deadlines. Remember, in order to be eligible for Cal Grant, you must file your FAFSA by March 2nd!  Go to -- NOT -- to apply!


Career Center Monthly Activities

Ivy League Dachshund

Ivy League Daschund


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College and Career Center Locker

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Sroka, Robin