Axelson Rm: PA 012/Gym, Marty
Health Instructor
Berg Rm: PA 006, Eric
Blazer, Sandy
Broadway, Debbie
Assistant Principal
Carbonara C-13, Diana
Drummond Rm: 208, Marianne
Gilbreath, Lacey
Gorman, Maureen
Counselor 11th Grade A-E, 12th Grade A-L & 9th Grade School of Arts A-L
Gutierrez, Maria
Community Worker (Tues & Thurs & Alt. Mondays beginning 9/9)
Hilliard, Debra
Counselor 10th Grade A-L, 11th Grade F-L, 9th Grade School of Arts M-Z
Keiser Rm: 257, Davina
Math & Piano
Kong Rm: 305, Mr.
Lica, Mrs.
Martinez, Patricia
Martinho Rm: 166/BCH, Antone
Teacher / Men's Water Polo Coach
Mast, Lucinda
Counselor (Grades 9th and 10th Last Name P-Z)
McCrystal, Christine
Moraga, Gonzalo
Principal of Instruction
More Rm: 203, Mr. Dana
Newberg, Andrew
Nye, Marcia
Counselor 10-12th Grades A-L Distinguished Scholars/WAVE/DI, 9th Grade WAVE A-Z
Obeidin PA 017, Mrs.
Pacholka, Elaine
Peffers Rm: PA 013, P. Scott
Pescar, Susan
Richardson Rm: PA 008, Lesley
Saldivar, Rolando
Head Counselor
Schlesinger Rm:159, Dan
Simpson, Candyce
Counselor (Grade 10 A-L & 9th Grade Ti-Vz)
Sternin, Chrishanne
Theile Rm: PA 015, Lyle
Toth, Paul
Tucciarone, Mr.
Watten, Mr.
Visual Arts
Weems, Carmen
11th Grade Office Assistant
Wong, John
Counselor (Grades 11th and 12th Last Name P - Z )
Wong, Ms.

Park Avenue

Park Avenue Mission Statement, Vision & Values

 Mission Statement:

All students in Park Avenue Program at Wilson Classical High School will improve their grade-point averages, earn the maximum number of credits each year, return to the Classical Program, and be on track for graduation from Wilson Classical High School and successful entry into institutions of higher learning and the job market.


The Park Avenue Program at Wilson Classical High School provides an effective academic intervention program for students who have fallen below a "C" grade-point average for two consecutive semesters. Students take their core classes within this program to enable their counselors, teachers, and parents the opportunity for closer monitoring and support. In addition, they take a Study Lab course in which they are encouraged to manage both resources and time, stay focused on academic achievement, work cooperatively with other learners, and take personal responsibility for their own progress.


Integrity, responsibility, diversity, school spirit & traditions, appreciation for literature, student success, written expression, verbal communication with small and large groups, as well as being technologically literate.

Wilson Classical High School Park Avenue Program 2014-2015

Dear Parents,

Park Avenue is an academic intervention program designed to provide extra support to students whose grade point average has fallen below a 2.0 for two semesters in a row. Our goal is for all of these students to improve their grade point averages, earn their credits, and be on track for graduation from Wilson Classical High School. Parent cooperation and communication regarding each student's progress is strongly encouraged and appreciated. Please call any Park Avenue staff member whenever you have a question!


Sandy Blazer



Gonzalo Moraga

Principal of Instruction


Maria Neves

Co-Administrator for 12th grade


Jeffrey Evans

Co-Administrator for 12th grade

x.6509 or x.6554

Eddie Cruz

Administrator for 11th grade


Tomika Palmer

Administrator for 10th grade


Debbie Broadway

Administrator for 9th grade


Rolando Saldivar

Head Counselor


Erika Medina

Counselor - Last Names A-G for 10th & 11th Graders


Heather Banks

Counselor – Last Names H-O for 10th & 11th Graders


Ariel Gonzales

Counselor – Last Names P-Z for 10th & 11th Graders


Debra Hilliard

Counselor – Last Names A-G for 9th & 12th Graders


Maureen Gorman

Counselor – Last Names H-O for 9th & 12th Graders


Stephanie Bilvado

Counselor – Last Names P-Z for 9th & 12th Graders


Marcia Nye

Counselor – Distinguished Scholars & WAVE


Maria Gutierrez

Spanish-speaking Community Worker



Mr. Axelson

Health & Study Lab


Mr. Berg



Mr. Cooperider

English – 9th & 11th Grades


Ms. Drummond

Geometry & Algebra 1-2


Ms. Gilbreath

English – 10th Grade & CAHSEE


Ms. Gonzalez-Poole

English – 10th Grade


Mr. Jackson

Study Lab & Architecture



Ms. Lica

Study Lab


Ms. Martinez

English – 11th & 12th Grades


Mr. Martinho



Mr. Messerschmidt

Study Lab & Music


Ms. Miller (Pescar)

English – 9th & 11th Grade


Ms. Obeidin

Modern World History – 10th Grade


Mr. Peffers

Algebra 1-2 & Algebra 2


Ms. Richardson



Mr. Saghbazarian

Special Education


Mr. Schlesinger

U.S. History – 11th Grade


Mr. Theile




Frequently Asked Questions about Park Avenue:

Q.: Why was my child placed in Park Avenue?
A.: Your son or daughter failed to make a 2.0 (C average) for two semesters in a row the previous school year, resulting in academic probation status. A warning about the possibility of an alternative placement was sent to you in an academic probation letter last February. Again in June, your child's grades were below a 2.0, which resulted in this placement. The policy is "two semesters below 2.0 to get in, two semesters above 2.0 to get out."

Q.: Is there any way my child can get out of Park Avenue faster?
A.: Yes. By earning a 3.5 grade point average the first semester. It may sound impossible, but those who are capable and highly motivated can do it with hard work, good attendance and diligence. Last year, nine Park Avenue students accomplished this goal of which three chose to stay in the program, and six returned to the main campus.

Q.: When can I expect to see my child's progress and final grade reports this year?
A.: Reports will be mailed home:

  • Fall Semester: Oct 17th 2014,  Dec 5th 2014,  Feb 6th 2015
  • Spring Semester: Mar 20th 2015, May 8nd 2015, June 26th 2015

Q.: What is different about Park Avenue from the regular program?
A.: Here are the differences:

  • Small learning community consisting of a team of adults who focus on these students who need extra support. Staff meets weekly, communicates regularly about individual student needs, and goes the extra mile when it comes to encouraging students, communicating with parents and Study Lab teachers, and working as a team for the benefit of your son or daughter.
  • Many Park Avenue classes are located in close proximity to each other to reduce tardiness and subsequent truancies
  • 55-minute mandatory Study Lab class every day in which students set goals, improve study habits, complete homework, complete projects, prepare for exams, etc. Study Lab teachers access regular updates from core teachers on School Loop regarding student progress, assignments due, upcoming tests, and anything that can support student success in core classes.
  • Elective choices are more restricted; Study Lab takes the place of world language in many cases.

Q.: Is the curriculum in Park Avenue different from the rest of the school?
A: No. We follow the same course outlines and use the same books and resource materials, and take the same district and state assessments.

Q.: Will my son or daughter be able to graduate from Wilson High with his or her classmates?
A.: Absolutely. Students need to complete the Long Beach Unified School District requirements for a high school diploma. Any core classes (English, history, math, science) that have been failed MUST be made up.  We have Credit Recovery program (seniors only) available on Wilson’s campus which can be taken without having to withdrawal from Wilson. Normally, during a semester students can make up one 5-unit class; a hard worker could possibly make up two 5-unit classes.

Q.: Are there alternative ways to make up missing credits?
A.:  Here are all of the ways:
       Long Beach School for Adults for SENIORS only--limited course offerings
       Long Beach Unified School District Summer School --limited course offerings--10 credits maximum
ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMS: (see counselors for more information)

  • EPHS (Educational Partnership High School) Summer School--limited course offerings-student works independently; can make up as many as 20 credits depending on courses needed; priority given to incoming seniors
  • EPHS regular session off campus (requires withdrawal from Wilson)
  • EPHS on-campus (requires withdrawal from Wilson)
  • Wilson Credit Recovery (does not require withdrawal from Wilson; however, space is extremely limited and usually only able to accommodate Seniors)
  • Opportunities for Learning (requires withdrawal from Wilson)

Q.: Can my son or daughter still play team sports?
A.: The rule is the same for all students--a 2.0 GPA on a regular grading term report card must be earned before an athlete may participate in games. Summer school grades do count towards recalculating a GPA.

Q.: Can my son or daughter still earn a Medallion?
A.: Yes. Students need 250 credits and a 2.0 total (all 4 years) overall grade point average to earn a Medallion.

Q.: Can my child still earn the Wilson Classical Diploma?
A.: Possibly. This will depend upon each child's individual grade point average and credits earned. Some Park Avenue students who manage to raise their overall GPA above 2.0 (for all 4 years) and who have completed the Classical requirements may still be able to earn that special diploma at graduation.

Q.: Will being in Park Avenue prevent my child from getting into college?
A.: No. There is nothing on the student's transcript to indicate Park Avenue placement. Most colleges and universities, however, do require "C" or better grades in all of the core classes. Park Avenue can help a student get back on track for college admission and help them develop better study habits which are necessary for success in college. 

Wilson High School Park Avenue Program . . . dedicated to student success.

To monitor your student's progress, every parent should be registered on School Loop.

Go to Click on "Register Me" button.