The May Loudspeaker is now available.

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The March Loudspeaker is published online. Click on the link below to see it online.

The February Loudspeaker is now available online. See the link attached.

We have a twelve-page paper this month.  Please feel free to send us feedback care of Ms. Combs in room 410.   https://issuu.com/whsloudspeaker/docs/wilson_feb

December 2016 Loudspeaker is Here

Click here for the December 2016 Loudspeaker.  http://issuu.com/whsloudspeaker/docs/wilsonhsdecember2016?e=26146257/42296258


November 2016 Newspaper

October 2016 Newspaper

Volume 91 Issue 1

Published October 7, 2016 is available here:  http://issuu.com/whsloudspeaker/docs/loudspeakervol91is1/1



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What is the Loudspeaker?

The Loudspeaker is the school newspaper for Wilson High School.  The class objective is to instill an understanding of journalistic practices including truthfulness, accuracy, and objectivity.  The class includes both beginning and more experienced journalists.  Students organize and plan coverage of school-wide events under the direction of their instructor, Christine Combs.  For more information, please contact Ms. Combs via School Loop.