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Collaborative Whiteboard Space

Our new collaborative whiteboard space is a huge hit! It's a popular place for doing classwork on a larger, more flexible surface. 


Solve math equations with a friend......



Brainstorm causes and effects......


Study that chem with your group. 

Library Facts

Welcome to our Wilson Library!


We are open every day before and after school, nutrition and lunch and during class time. You may also use the library during your unscheduled blocks. You are welcome in the library as long as you follow our rules: 

                           1. No food or drink (including on the patio)

                           2. Work quietly

                           3. Be respectful

Remember you must have work to do or you will be asked to go to the cafeteria (during unscheduled blocks 1 and 2) or to leave the library. Drop-ins with a pass will be welcome and teachers can email me to bring their classes in for instruction or resources. In addition to book check-out, we offer computers, printing (color 25 cents; regular 10-cents donation), chromebooks, 3-D printing, xeroxing (10 cents) ,electronic database access and cell phone charging as a courtesy to students working in the library.


We look forward to helping you in the library,

Miss Ladas and Ms. Richardson


Library Calendar

Miss Ladas, Teacher Lib-RARE-ian


Ms. Richardson, Library Media Assistant Extraordinaire


Library Staff

Ladas Rm: Media Center, Lia
Library Media Specialist
Richardson, Celia

Library Hours

Open daily before and after school, nutrition, and lunch.


Monday-Thursday   7:15-4pm

Fridays only             7:15-3pm


Please check the calendar and the library doors for last minute changes!

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