School of Leadership and Public Service

Welcome to the School of Leadership and Public Service!

About the Pathway

Leadership and Public Service students experience 4 years of integrated academics focused on the Public Service industry. In addition to completing rigorous A-G courses, students take a 4 year course sequence of classes teaching the skills and addressing the issues that surround politics, social justice, and public services.


Examples of classes:

- Criminal and Civil Law

- Forensic Science

- Speech and Debate

- Multicultural Literature

- Senior Capstone.


Working with their academic classes and larger community, students are expected to practice their skills outside the classroom with internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities. Students also have the ability to earn additional certifications through LBCC.


Any interested student is welcome to apply to the pathway. Students interested in the DISTINGUISHED SCHOLAR pathway experience may apply with a minimum GPA of 3.3 and a grade of C or higher in Algebra 1.  


Distinguished Scholars


The Honors Program for the School of Leadership and Public Service. Distinguished Scholars (DS) must enroll in an Accelerated, Honors, or AP Course when available. DS students will complete a minimum of FOUR AP courses and graduate with an academic GPA of 3.3 (Honors Graduation Distinction) and a minimum of 60 Service Learning Hours connected to their Pathway.