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Staff Directory and Conduct

Athletic Administration


Rebecca "Suzanne" Caverly 

Assistant Principal My Ngoc Nguyen

Athletic Director

Warren Smitheran

Athletic Secretary

Denise Cuevas

School Nurse

Kristen Miranda

Director of Activities

Erin Fekjar


Andrea Varela-Sanchez

Athletic Trainer Greg Bommarito


Fall Sports

Cross Country - Boys & Girls

C.J. Brewer

Traditional Sport Cheer



Scott Meyer

Golf - Girls

Paul Henry

Surf - Boys and Girls

Tony Martinho

Tennis - Girls

Nick Medina

Volleyball - Girls

Gerald Aquiningoc

Water Polo - Boys

Zack Polmanteer


Winter Sports

Basketball - Boys

James Boykin

Basketball - Girls

Erin Carey

Soccer - Boys

C.J. Brewer

Soccer - Girls

Brian Irvin

Surf - Boys and Girls

Tony Martinho

Water Polo - Girls

Barry O'Dea


Seth Wegter


Spring Sports

Badminton - Boys and Girls

Adrian Maarquez


Andy Hall

Golf - Boys

Paul Henry

Gymnastics - Girls

Thourn Heng

Lacrosse - Boys

Sal Cipola

Lacrosse - Girls

Vick Escoto


George Molina

Swimming - Boys

Eric Berg

Swimming - Girls

Maggi Twinem

Tennis - Boys

Nick Medina

Track - Boys

Shannon Fisher

Track - Girls

Neil Nelson

Volleyball - Boys

Christopher Ceballos

Beach Volleyball -Girls Gerald Aquiningoc

SPectator code of conduct

Long Beach Wilson Spectator Code of Conduct

Long Beach Wilson High School, in association with the CIF Southern Section, promotes good sporting behavior by student-athletes, coaches and spectators and requests your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner.

Profanity, obscene gestures, degrading comments, or other intimidating actions directed at officials, student-athletes, coaches, or school administration will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the site of competition. Spectators are prohibited from entering the playing area or interfering with the game in any manner.