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20-21 Varsity Cheer
20-21 Varsity Cheer
20-21 JV Cheer
20-21 JV Cheer
July 20th - Message from Coach Jessie
Message from Coach Jessie

Cheer Information

Virtual Cheer Tryouts were conducted June 30th thru July 7th

Questions - Please email

Goodmorning everyone, 

I hope all is well with you ladies, we are so excited to have everyone on our teams this year! I know it has been crazy and different so we appreciate all of you trying out for our wonderful program. This year will look different, feel different, and be hard but Coach Savy and I feel as though we picked a group of amazing young women to face these trying times together. Nonetheless, we will persist and it's going to be a great year to be a BRUIN cheerleader. *Please read this in its entirety! 

Practice Summer Schedule: 

  1. In person start date: August 18th
  2. Tuesday - Thursday: 9am-10:30am 
  3. Location: Wilson Outdoor Basketball Court behind football field *no rolling out mats 
  4. What we will be doing: learning cheers, dances, stunt basics (without touching, using own shoes), conditioning (running, hit workouts, strength training, yoga, etc all from a 6 feet distance), and learning jumps on grass! 
  5. These practices are not required but highly recommend including summer practice form will need to be signed before you enter the school.
  6. Will take attendance every morning
  7. Physicals will be due by August 20th - More info to come about that soon
  8. What to bring: own water, snacks, hand sanitizer, and shoes! Will not bring extra water to share so make sure you bring plenty! 
  9. Thursday, July 30th - Parent Meeting 
  10. We really need everyone at the first practice as that will set the tone for the rest of the season. I know its short notice but if you can be there and feel comfortable, please do so! We have a lot of information for you guys and need you there. A parent zoom meeting for your guardians will be held soon as well so please let your parents know. 

    The packets need to be signed before entering the school, if you don't have a teacher's recommendation that is fine. Just have it signed and we will go over it together in person on Tuesday. If anyone has any other questions comments or concerns, please email us back or text me at 5624404759. 


    Coach Jessie and Savy 


🐾 2019 - 2020 cheer squad 🐾

Cheer Team

2019-2020 Varsity team

Varsity Team

2019-2020 junior varsity team

Junior Varsity





varsity 💗 october 2019 breast cancer awareness month


junior varsity💗 2019 breast cancer awareness month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Varsity Cheer Coach

Jessie Galletti

JV Cheer Coach

Savy Sickel


The Wilson High School Cheerleading Program is a highly energized, spirited group of students who support the Wilson Athletic Department as well as a variety of other school organizations in an attempt to promote school spirit among the students and faculty.

The Wilson HS Cheer Boosters are a nonprofit organization comprised entirely of volunteers. Our goal is to raise much needed funds to defray some of the costs associated with cheerleading and the events we participate in during the school year.  All of the planning and organization of our events are handled by parent and student volunteers, and any costs associated with the program we finance through generous donations from local businesses, alumni, and other individuals. In return, we are about teaching the girls about “giving back” to our community by participating in local Beach Clean-Ups, Food Drives, Long Beach Marathon, Walk for Kids, and service to charities in Long Beach.

For more information on upcoming events, please contact the Cheer Booster president, Chelsea Welsh at:



Raising Cane's Restaurant

Grand Opening 11/5/19

Raising Cane's grand opening
Raising Cane's donation