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Code of Honor

Code of Honor

Ethical and moral behavior in education is essential.  The individual, school, and society benefit greatly from the maintenance of high standards; therefore, the integrity of fair academic competition shall not be abridged.  Furthermore, individual students are responsible for their own actions.  As a result, the following Code of Honor is in effect at Woodrow Wilson High School.

  1. During an examination, students shall use only those materials allowed by the teacher.
  2. Any electronic device not specifically designated by the teacher used during an examination will be an Honor Code Violation.
  3. Students shall respect teachers' and other students' right to privacy of materials, test, and property.
  4. When doing research assignments, students shall give proper credit (citations, works cited page, and/or bibliography in compliance to teacher instruction) to those sources used in order to avoid plagiarism.
  5. Students will demonstrate respect for intellectual property, copyright restrictions, fair use, and public performance rights when using, downloading, duplicating, or uploading media. 
  6. Students shall be responsible for their own work inside and outside the classroom.
  7. Students are prohibited from reproducing, photographing, or recording test materials in any form.

In order to maintain the integrity of Wilson High School and its individuals, violations of this Code of Honor will result in all of the following consequences:

  1. An F or zero will be given for the work in question.
  2. The teacher will notify the parents or guardians of the student.
  3. The conduct grade will be lowered.
  4. A referral will be sent to the grade level administrator specifically describing the Honor Code violation.
  5. The grade level administrator will place a notation of the Honor Code violation in the student’s central file.  Adverse reports affect extra-curricular activities, college applications, recommendations, awards and Distinguished Scholar status.
  6. Detention/s will be assigned (Seniors will be issued a Senior Letter).

Further violations will result in:

  1. The same as number one through six above.
  2. The student will be suspended from school for a minimum of two days.  The student may not return to school until a conference is held with the grade level administrator and the parents or guardians of the student.

Continuation of the unethical behavior will result in:

  1. A conference will held with the grade level administrator and the parents or guardians of the student.
  2. The student will be suspended from school and referred for a disciplinary transfer.