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Dress Code

Outwear Policy

Bruins! Our outerwear uniform is strictly enforced. This is a great time to sport a Wilson colored sweatshirt or jacket.  The colors are SOLID white, gold, cardinal, or khaki with NO large logos.  If you come to school with outerwear that is not the correct color, it will be confiscated and you will have to pick it up from the Nurse's office at the end of the day.

Uniform Procedure

Any student who comes out of uniform will have the following options:
1. The student can call home to see if the appropriate uniform can be brought to school.
2. The student can borrow a shirt and/or bottoms. Student name and clothing borrowed will be recorded. The student must return the borrowed clothing within 24 hours. Unreturned clothing items will result in a fine with the banker: $5.00 for shirts, $10.00 for bottoms and sweatshirts.

Consequences for Not following the Dress Code 

  • 1st-2nd Offense Warning, changed out and clothes confiscated.

  • 3rd Offense 30-minute detention, parent contacted, changed out, clothes confiscated and information recorded.

  • After 3rd   Offense Referred to pathway/grade level administrator, changed out, clothes confiscated,  30-minute detention for each additional violation with information recorded.

  1. Students that self-report to detention by due date will clear the 30-minute detention.

  2. If student does not self-report to detention, the 30-minute detention will become a 1-hour detention.

  3. All unapproved dress code items will be confiscated, labeled and held in Nurse’s Office  until the end of the school day.

  4. Borrowed clothing must be returned to the Nurse’s Office the same day it is borrowed. If not turned in, students will serve lunch detention the following day. Lost uniform items will result in a fine with the banker: $5 for shirts, $10 dollars for pants and sweatshirts.

Wilson Dress Code Policy



Not Approved: Should not be seen on campus


  • Bucket hats, visors, baseball caps, and beanies that are Wilson colors (white, cardinal, gold, or khaki).  However, these approved headgear items CANNOT be worn in class

  • Headwraps can be any color and may be worn in class

  1. "Doo-Rags" or wave caps

  2. Bandanas

  3. Hoods worn down at all times except outdoors during rain



  • Solid cardinal, gold or khaki collared shirts or t-shirts

  • SolidS white collared shirts (NO PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRTS)

  • Wilson Athletic Team, Club or Activity T-shirts or collared shirts in cardinal, gold or white ONLY

  • Shirts must be worn daily at all times and not more than one size larger than body size and may not be sheer

  • Wilson ASB, club, or athletic team logos ONLY or manufacturer’s logo one-inch in diameter or less (Example: Small Nike Swoosh) and free of any offensive language or symbols

1.  Non-Wilson approved shirt:

  • should not wear plain white or colored t-shirt

  • should not wear non-Wilson approved sports team shirts (gray, black, etc)

  • should not wear pink, flannel or striped shirts

2.  Girls' shirts should not be too tight, too short or sheer/see-through:

  • skin or belly button should not show

  • bosom should not be exposed

  • shirt length guideline: midriff may not be exposed when arms are raised

3.  Should not wear extremely oversized shirts that are more than one size larger than body size

4.  Should not wear T-shirts hanging below hem of shirt

5.  Should not wear colored t-shirts under uniform shirt

6.  Should not wear white T-shirt over shirt

7.  Should not wear shirts with stripes or colored trim



  • All outerwear of any kind and/or material must be solid white, cardinal, khaki or gold. No other colors are permitted on campus. Outerwear includes sweaters, sweatshirts, fleece pullovers/jackets, flannel shirts/jackets, heavy winter coats/jackets, vests and windbreakers

  • Wilson ASB, club, or athletic team logos ONLY or manufacturer’s logo one-inch in diameter or less (Example: Small Nike Swoosh) and free of any offensive language or symbols

  • Hoods worn down at all times except outdoors during rain

  1. Should not wear non-uniform outerwear: 

  • only white, cardinal, khaki or gold are allowed (no other  colors)

  • no logos or designs permitted except approved Wilson High, club, ASB or team logos

  • non-approved outerwear will be confiscated and labeled with student name to be picked up after school in the Nurse's Office.







  • Solid Khaki or Cardinal pants, skirts, shorts, jumpers, or overalls no more than one size larger than body size (No other colors, patterns or stripes) 

  • Shorts and skirts must be at fingertip length when arms are down

  • All of the above must be hemmed and fitted

  • Pants must be able to stay up without a belt

  • Only school colored tights/leggings may be worn, i.e., white, cardinal, khaki or gold

  • Leggings must be worn under appropriate length dress, skirt, or shorts


  1. No torn, ripped or frayed clothing/No holes on clothing

  2. No pants that cannot be held up without a belt (i.e. not sagging)

  • underwear/undershorts showing

  • rear-end exposed

  • crotch of pants mid-thigh or lower (down around the knees)

  1. Should not wear very short and/or very tight shorts or skirts

  • must be at or below finger-tip length when hands are down on sides

  1. Should not wear non-uniform colors, patterns or stripes

  2. Should not wear tights/leggings alone






  • A Wilson issued I.D. must be carried at all times.  Students are required to show their I.D.’s  to school personnel upon request

  • A sturdy pair of shoes or sandals with no heels exceeding two inches

  • All backpacks must be free of any writing, inappropriate images, symbols or drawings

  1. Should not carry any kind of non-uniform tag, pass or false I.D.

  2. Should not possess any accessories that advertise drugs, gang affiliations or that may be deemed unsafe

  3. Should not wear house shoes or slippers

  4. Should not display graffiti-style writing, inappropriate images, hand-drawn symbols, drawings or markings