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Dress Code

Wilson Dress Code Policy 2022-2023


  • Student tops and outerwear may be any combination (solid or patterned) of Wilson colors that are cardinal, gold, khaki, or white. 

  • Student bottoms may be any color.

NOT Approved: 

  • Any tops that are not cardinal, gold, khaki, or white. 

  • Ripped or mesh clothing

  • Clothing that exposes undergarments, stomachs, one’s rear-end

  • Offensive language/symbols/drug or alcohol references



General Dress Code and Grooming Guidelines

Other Unacceptable Clothing 

A. Clothing including hats, jewelry, accessories or skin art (tattoos) associated with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, obscenity, gangs or violence are prohibited. 

B. Outer clothes must completely cover underclothes. 

C. Footwear must be appropriate for school activities. 

D. Shirts must be appropriately fitted at the shoulders. 

E. Belts should be appropriately sized at the waist and fitted into the belt loops. 

F. All headgear, including sweater/jacket hoods, is prohibited with the exception of school spirit wear. 

G. Wallet chains, studded/spiked belts, bracelets, rings, etc. are prohibited. 

A. Tank tops and mesh tops. 

B. Strapless tops and cut-out/ripped designs that reveal any body parts. 

C. Tops that bare the midriff. 

D. Low neckline and backline tops and dresses. 

E. See through and sheer clothing. 

F. Short shorts/skirts/dresses and beach attire.

Out of Uniform Procedure

Any student who comes out of uniform will have the following options:
1. The student can call home to see if the appropriate uniform can be brought to school.
2. The student can borrow a shirt and/or bottoms. Student name and clothing borrowed will be recorded. The student must return the borrowed clothing within 24 hours. Unreturned clothing items will result in a fine with the banker: $5.00 for shirts, $10.00 for bottoms and sweatshirts.

Consequences for Not following the Dress Code 

  • 1st-2nd Offense - Warning, changed out, clothes confiscated, and parent contacted.

  • 3rd Offense - 30-minute detention, changed out, clothes confiscated, and parent contacted.

  • After 3rd Offense - Referred to pathway administrator, parent contacted, changed out, clothes confiscated, 30-minute detention for each additional violation, and conduct noted in student record. 

  1. Students that self-report to detention by the due date will clear the 30-minute detention.

  2. If a student does not self-report to detention, the 30-minute detention will become 1-hour detention.

  3. All unapproved dress code items will be confiscated, labeled, and held in the Attendance Office until the end of the school day.

  4. Borrowed clothing must be returned to the Attendance Office the same day it is borrowed. If not turned in, students will serve lunch detention. Lost uniform items will result in a fine with the banker: $5 for shirts, $10 dollars for pants and sweatshirts.