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Thourn Heng Rm: 513/Gym


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Office Hours and Tutoring

Q: When are you available for extra help/tutoring?

A: Please make a lunch appointment, because I am coaching or attending meetings after school.



Grading Questions

Q: What does “inc” mean?

A: Incomplete/Incorrect Assignment = 0 points.  Until you finish the assignment correctly.


Q: What does “a” mean?

A: Absent for Assignment = 0 points.  Until you make it up.


Q: What does “m” mean?

A: Missing Assignment = 0 points.  Until you make it up.


Q: What does "e" mean?

A: Excused, it doesn't count against you.  No need for make up work.


Q: What does "L" mean?

A: Late assignment = 0 points.  You will lose 10% per day that it's late.  I will not accept work after it is two weeks late.


Q: What does "cht" mean?

A: Cheating on a test or quiz, it is an automatic zero and you are not allowed to make it up.  Hopefully this will never happen.


Q: I don’t see/have a grade, it’s blank?

A: Don’t worry, it means I haven’t entered a grade yet. Please wait for it, or remind me with an email or SchoolLoop mail.


Q: How do I raise my grade?

A: Score higher on the upcoming assignments, projects, presentations, quizzes and/or tests.  Also, turn in all your future assignments on time to avoid losing points.


Q: Is there extra credit?

A: Yes, to be determine by the teacher randomly throughout the whole school year.  Make sure you take advantage of it when the opportunities arise.

Mr. Heng aka Coach2win



Long Beach Poly PACE Graduate (2000)

Long Beach State - BS in Math Ed (2005)

Long Beach State - Single Subject Math Credential (2007)

Full Sail University - MS in Educations Media Design and Technology (2010)

LACOE - Career Technology Education Credential (2015)


Experience in Education

4 years of college aiding at Poly

1 year of subbing at various schools

Started at Wilson 2006-2007


Experience in Athletics

17 years of Tae Kwon Do

16 years of Kickboxing

4 years of Break Dancing

3 years of Coaching Gymnastics

1 year of Wu Shu

1 year of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

1 year of Wing Chun

9 months of Judo

6 months of Ballet

Currently looking for a Tai Qi School


Industry Experience

Owner of Heng it Up Photography since 2012