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Marianne Drummond

Things You Can Do To Raise Your Grade:

       1).  Turn in late Homework or Notes...I take late work!!!

       2).  Use the online resources (explained below) and pass the module exams with a 70% the first time!  ;-)  Much easier on you...

       3).  ReTake and/or Make Up your tests BEFORE the deadline date...   ReTakes are in room 251 after school on Fridays 

       4).  Go to tutoring BEFORE you fail!!!  Tutoring times and locations are:

                           -  Room 251 Monday through Thursday

                           -  Room 260 Tuesday through Friday, Zero Period  (6:48 - 7:43am)                         

Directions for Wilson's ONLINE Math Resources

  1. Go to Wilson’s Home Page
  2. Login to your schoolloop account
  3. Look at your look to the right
  4. Click on the blue link labeled “Wilson Math Resources” (to the right of your grades on your dashboard)
  5. Select the course you are enrolled in
  6. Select the module or chapter you would like to review (the current module or chapter resources will be front and center...past modules or chapters will be in the "Locker" on the left side of the screen)
  7. You are now given options about what you would like to work on:
  •  Textbook Tutorials and Homework help - this gives tutorials, section by section, as correlated to the book:
    1. click on a topic, scroll down the page to find what you would like to work on
    2. click on “video” for an actual lesson from a virtual teacher
    3. click on “Practice” to do problems, one by one, on the computer itself
  • Interactive Quizzes from the Textbook – section by section – I suggest to try these when the student feel confident.
    1. students can test their knowledge on a specific topic
    2. the computer drill gives immediate feedback
    3. when a problem is missed, the computer refers them to an example that explains their specific misconceptio 
  • Review and Review Solutions – provides:
    1. blank of the review form of the test that you can write on
    2. A copy of  the written out solutions showing all steps
    3. The review looks exactly like the test (different numbers but same type of hurdles)
    4. Live Scribe Review (algebra only) is a web cast of Mr. Dees talking/working through every single problem on the review!!!!  Use the mouse to click on specific problems or steps…or watch the whole thing through!   
  • Interactive Practice Test is a longer computer drill, covering the whole chapter…just like the computer drill quizzes.  This is a textbook generated test that immediately grades it for you.  In the graded results, it refers you back to example problems for each missed problem.  J


Attention, parents of middle and high school students.


The Long Beach Unified School District is now offering students and parents an exciting new resource to help boost math achievement.


Students taking Algebra 1-2, Geometry or Intermediate Algebra can now access a series of free video tutorials, practice tests and quizzes directly correlated to the chapters in their textbooks.

These interactive tutorials feature step-by-step problem-solving videos on selected exercises directly from the textbook, with immediate scoring at the end of practice quizzes, and in some cases, chapter summary notes.


Parents and students may access these resources through their school's website. Just click on "iLearn" icon on your site's main page and enter MATH as the user name, then LBUSD as the password.

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