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Practice Problems for Common Core Assessments

Common Core Assessment Practice for Mathematics

Please click on the link above for practice problems from the Common Core Assessment.


PSAT Practice Math Answer Key

Geometry Online Resources

Math Department Tutoring

Monday and Thursday

Room 512

2:45 - 3:45

Monday - Friday

Room 305

Block 2 7:50 to 9:16

Geometry Student's Dictionary

This resource serves as a good summary of the material in Geometry. A student may find it to be useful when studying for the fall semester exam and spring end of course exam.

Please click on either of the links to access the files:

Geometry Student's Dictionary (Blank)

Geometry Student's Dictionary (Completed)

Geometry A Locker
9/14/16 9:05 AM
9/23/16 5:16 PM
10/12/16 8:48 AM
11/2/16 1:39 PM
11/29/16 9:26 AM
12/22/16 7:35 AM
2/6/17 7:29 AM
3/2/17 2:52 PM
3/14/17 8:16 AM
5/8/17 9:32 AM
5/8/17 9:41 AM
9/14/16 9:05 AM


Geometry Teachers 2016-2017
Contact Jeremy Cook  Jeremy Cook (562) 433-0481 ex: 6252 Teacher
Contact Arnold Estrada  Arnold Estrada (562) 433-0481 ex: 6193 Teacher
Contact Mr. Kong  Mr. Kong (562) 433-0481 ex: 6305 Teacher
Contact Christina Ross  Christina Ross (562) 433-0481 ex: 6258 Teacher
Contact Chrishanne Sternin  Chrishanne Sternin (562) 433-0481 ex: 6205 Teacher

Geometry Re-Test Policy

Students who earn lower than a 70% on a test will have the opportunity to re-test. 

Please see your teacher for more information.

Geometry Online Textbook

Big Ideas Geometry

Username:  9 digit ID Number

Password:  6 digit birthdate, mmddyy

Fall Semester Practice Exam 2016-2017

Last year's Fall Semester Practice Exam


Solution Videos

The 2016-2017 Fall Semester Exam is not identical to last year's exam. Please refer to the iLearn link for additional practice resources that are directly related to the 2012-13 Fall Semester Exam.