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Dear Parents and Students,

We are so sad to confirm that the Carnegie Hall trip is officially canceled by the school district and by WorldStrides Heritage Festival.  As you can see in the news and media everything is shutting down temporarily in hopes of keeping the virus from spreading and unfortunately we are caught in the middle of it.

We will be working on alternative plans next week as well as a fair reimbursement strategy.  Today we are just grieving the loss of this opportunity and tying to tie up loose ends quickly to evacuate school.  We will have more information for you next week.

We WILL be performing our Carnegie Hall music before the end of school so PLEASE KEEP YOUR STUDENTS PRACTICING!!!  There is a possible opportunity to perform at the Terrace Theatre in downtown Long Beach so students, PRACTICE!  If you want to gather in small groups for sectionals and practice sessions please do.  We will not have much time to prepare for this and the movie concert once school resumes. 

Keep up with the Carnegie music by playing the pieces along with a recording going either on speakers or earbuds/air pods! 

I will be emailing out our movie music.  Please have it prepared for rehearsal after spring break. 

I will send out other "Remind" messages, recordings, listening and watching assignments.  You will be having assignments from me on school loop so make sure to check in regularly.  If you are not signed up for Remind please do so (codes: Sym Strings @sym-str and Sym Winds @@sym-winds), as I will also be sending materials that way.

Keep safe.  Thanks for all the love and support. 

Very sincerely,

Michelle Ellis

Wilson Calendar

2019 Summer Chamber String Workshop and Community Outreach

This was a two week long workshop that focused on chamber music and ended with a performance at the Pacific Palms Convalescent Hospital.

The the students enjoyed the workshop, and the patients and staff of Pacific Palms loved the gift of live music.  

This was the first workshop of this kind we have done and it was a great success.  We would like to open it up to both strings and winds for next summer.

Our musicians 1

2018 - 19 All district orchestra

all district orchestra
Wilson musicians at the All District Concert at the Terrace Theater.
orchestra 2
All District Orchestra perform with The Long Beach Symphony on January 31.

Pictures from the fall 2018 concert

fall concert 1
fall concert 2
fall concert 3


Visit our website: for more information about the Wilson Instrumental Music Booster Organization (WIMBO), a parent based organization dedicated to supporting the music program at Wilson.


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Contact Eric Messerschmidt  Eric Messerschmidt (562) 433-0481 ex: 6422/6166 Teacher


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