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Student Gallery

Artist of November: Auncia Cesena

Hoping to attend Berkelley in the fall, fourth year art student Aunica finds inspiration for her art "in daily life experiences" and "in the beauty of the world around us."  

black and white drawing with colors
portrait in color
painting of a girl underwater

Artist of the Month: May

Julia Campbell is a first year Drawing and Painting student who is showing fantastic promise.


figure drawing


series of portraits

Artist of the Month: March

Quincy's art work was selected to be part of an curated exhibition called, Self Through Cabinets of Curiosity, currently showing at Long Beach Museum of Art.

LBAM Wilson

Artist of the Month, JanuaryL Hernan Torres

Hernan Torres is a naturally gifted Animator.  Only once every few years do we see such talent in such a young artist.

Artist of the Month, November: Kirra Bixby

painting with historical landmarks

Introspective, technical, and mature, Kirra Bixby's paintings explore personal themes.  Using allegorical images she meditates the meaning of chaos, love and memory.  Kirra excels in both studio and academic classes and she plans to apply this excellence at a warm weather university next year.

painting of a girl with bear



drawing of 3 people

hand in chain

Exhibition at Long Beach Museum of Art

Photos of the show will be uploaded soon!