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Visual Arts Staff
Contact Jill Egan Rm: 165  Jill Egan Rm: 165 (562) 433-0481 ex: 6565 - Conf. Blocks 2 & 3 Teacher
Contact Jeffrey Jackson Rm: 510  Jeffrey Jackson Rm: 510 (562) 433-0481 ex: 6234 - Conf. Blocks 1/2 Visual Arts
Contact Paula Lazicki Rm: 457  Paula Lazicki Rm: 457 (562) 433-0481 ex: 6406 - Conf. Per. 3 & 8 Art
Contact Keri McBride Rm: 356  Keri McBride Rm: 356 (562) 433-0481 ex: 6427 - Conf. Blocks 5 & 6 Teacher
Contact Nancy Mitchell Rm: 173  Nancy Mitchell Rm: 173 (562) 433-0481 ex: 6579 - Conf. Blocks 2 & 3 Teacher
Contact Dominic Szeto Rm: 307  Dominic Szeto Rm: 307 (562) 433-0481 ex: 6307 - Conf. Blocks 7 & 8 Teacher

AP Art history

Mr. Szeto

Drawing and Painting

Mr. Szeto, Ms. McBride, Ms. Mitchell, Mrs. Egan


Ms. Lazicki, Ms. Mitchell


Ms. MItchell

Visual Arts

Alumni remembering their Wilson art experience

What we do...

We mold clay, draw deep space, and make bouncing balls play. We create wonder and navigate imaginations. Whether the subject is 3-D Art, Drawing and Painting, Graphic Arts, Animation or Ceramics, classes in the Visual Arts Department build technical skills, critical concepts, and art-historical knowledge.  In our studios we express ourselves, critique ourselves and discover careers for ourselves.

Department Mission

Stimulating creativity in all aspects of life and promoting aesthetic literacy in students.



Every student is:

a creative thinker

an imaginative problem solver

knowledgeable of processes and skills in appreciation of the arts and visual culture


Shared Values and Beliefs

Promoting personal expression

Connecting visual arts across curriculum

Promoting creativity, thinking and joy

Understanding diverse cultures and historical contributions



Cohesive and supportive department

Mapping curriculum to promote skill and process development

Increasing budget for supplies

Presence on campus (art show, website, displays, art club)

Continuous curriculum development



Student portfolios

Critiques, written evaluations, class discussions

Website galleries

Art show, competition

End of Year Examinations in First Year Subjects

Beginner Syllabus

Syllabus for Beginning Courses

Individual classroom procedures may vary according to teacher/subject


Expected Conduct and Responsibilities

Code of Honor

  • Mutual respect for each student-artist, as well as materials in the classroom.
  • Be courteous and well mannered.  No profanity.
  • Be on time, be seated; have materials out and be ready to work mentally and physically when the bell rings.
  • Be safe and responsible with supplies.  No wasting.
  • Use class time wisely.  Work, work, work! 
  • Follow directions and complete all work on time.
  • Clean up work area, classroom areas assigned, and properly store work.  Clean up as a team.
  • No plagiarism on written work.
  • No food or drinks.
  • No electronics.
  • No horse-playing or other immature/dangerous behavior.
  • Attendance critical.  Obtain readmit to make up missed work.
  • Obtain missing information from classmates/teacher when returning from absence.
  • Keep track of grade on Schoolloop
  • Keep written work and handouts in a notebook folder and all art work in a portfolio.

Consequences for lack of responsibility

Students exhibiting less than responsible behavior:

  • Will be given a verbal warning and/or conference with the teacher. No warning for severe violations.
  • Will be given detention. 
  • Will be suspended to A.C.E.  Parent will be notified.
  • Will be referred to the grade level administrator.
  • May have points deducted.
  • Stealing other student’s work could result in suspension and/or removal from program.

Grading Policy

Click on "Grading Rubric" in Locker (to the right) for breakdown of grades.

Student grade will be determined by points.  Assignments requiring more time will be given more points. Skills alone will not determine grade.  Effort, risk-taking, creative thinking, meeting deadline, attention to detail and meeting the criteria for each project will all be considered when determining grades.  Poor attendance, tardiness, and poor use of class time will result in lower participation points and lower grade on projects.

  • Letter grades will reflect the following percentages:   





        59% and below=F

  • Completed work must have full name and block number.
  • Late work will be accepted only within allotted time determined by subject area/teacher
  • There is no penalty only if there is an extended, excused absence or student has pre-arranged extension. 
  • Make-up work and teacher’s assistance are available before and after school depending on teacher obligations.

Intervention Policy

Students who are having difficulties with the class work need to take advantage of classroom availability and teacher assistance before, during, and after school. Students are expected to keep track of their grades on Schoolloop. When student’s grade falls below a ‘C’ and/or is receiving “unsatisfactory” conduct grade in class, he/she will be subject to the following intervention:

  • counseling
  • parent contact

Parents are encouraged to call if they have any concerns or questions regarding their student and the class. All teachers can be reached at 562-433-0481 or at Wilson Home Page at


Homework may include completing class projects, research, written work, and occasional practice exercises. 

Extra Credit

Extra credit varies according to individual teachers but may involve museum visits, extra projects, etc.

Visit our Student's work!

Art Shows and Student Works

Donation to the Art Department

Click on "Lab Donation Letter" below to see how you can help to improve Wilson's art program.

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For struggling students, art Tutoring is offered in room 457 after school.