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public service bruins wilson high school
LPS support Team
  Lucas Clardy (562) 433-0481 ex: 6121 Counselor
  Melissa Galbreath (562) 433-0481 ex: 6850 Pathway Coordinator
  Lisa Jones (562) 433-0481 ex: 6253 Teacher

Distinguished Scholars

distinguished scholars

Distinguished Scholar (DS):

Students in the Honors Program for School of Leadership and Public Service must enroll in Accelerated, Honors, or AP Courses when available.  DS students will complete a minimum of four AP/Dual Enrollment courses and graduate with an academic GPA of 3.3 (Honors Graduation Distinction).

School of Leadership and Public Service

About the LPS Pathway

Leadership and Public Service students experience 4 years of integrated academics focused on the Public Service industry. In addition to completing rigorous A-G courses, students take a 4-year course sequence of classes teaching the skills and addressing the issues that surround Legal services, politics, and social justice,  

Pathway Techincal Course Sequence:

       9th Grade: Intro to Law

      10th Grade: Intro to Social Justice

      11th Grade: Criminal Justice and Law

      12th Grade:  Justice in America


Working with their academic classes and the larger community, students are expected to practice their skills outside the classroom with internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities. Students also have the ability to earn additional certifications through LBCC.


Any interested student is welcome to apply to the pathway.

Students interested in the Distinguished Scholar pathway experience may apply with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and enrollment in Algebra 1.


Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House
Guest Speakers
Field Trip to the Courthouse
LPS Pathway Teachers
  Carlos Briceno (562) 433-0481 ex: 6136 Teacher
  Jeremy Cook (562) 433-0481 ex: 6252 Teacher
  Brandon D'Sa (562) 433-0481 ex: 6189 Teacher
  Erin Fekjar Sys Admin
  Dallas Foss (562) 433-0481 ex: 6409 Teacher
  Andy Hall (562) 433-0481 ex: 6138 Teacher
  Kenneth Hamilton (562) 433-0481 ex: 6247 Teacher
  Jasmine Harrison (562) 433-0481 ex: 6553 Teacher
  Amy Hughes Leveque (562) 433-0481 ex: 6592 Teacher
  Mr. J Janzen (562) 433-0481 ex: 6851 Teacher
  Josiah Jones (562) 433-0481 ex: 6238 Teacher
  Lisa Jones (562) 433-0481 ex: 6253 Teacher
  Maritza Lara (562) 433-0481 ex: 6556 Teacher
  Jose Leanos (562) 433-0481 ex: 6255 Teacher
  Janice Mejia (562) 433-0481 ex: 6260 Teacher
  Shannon Nagle (562) 433-0481 ex: 6554 Teacher
  Jeffrey Nesmith (562) 433-0481 ex: 6554 Teacher
  Paul Oh (562) 433-0481 ex: 6237 Teacher
  Ms. Quintanar (562) 433-0481 ex: 6563 Teacher
  Joanna Salgado Teacher
  Julie-Kay Satariano (562) 433-0481 ex: 6520 Teacher
  Alyson Swain (562) 433-0481 ex: 6178 Teacher
  Darith Ung (562) 433-0481 ex: 6401 Teacher
  Seth Wegter (562) 433-0481 ex: 6425 Teacher
  Taryn Whiteleather (562) 433-0481 ex: 6187 Teacher
  Rena Winton (562) 433-0481 Teacher
  Noemi Zarate (562) 433-0481 ex: 6868 Teacher