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Pathway support Team
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  Joel Jelinowicz (562) 433-0481 ex: 6850 Pathway Coordinator
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Distinguished Scholars

Distinguished Scholar (DS):

Students in the Honors Program for School of the Arts must enroll in Accelerated, Honors, or AP Courses when available.  DS students will complete a minimum of four AP/Dual Enrollment courses and graduate with an academic GPA of 3.3 (Honors Graduation Distinction).

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School of the Arts

Check out the collaboration between Instrumental Music and Video Production - In action!

About the Pathway


School of the Arts scholars will contribute to their community with passion and innovation through their craft. 


School of the Arts empowers a diverse group of passionate, art-driven individuals through an integrated arts-focused curriculum that engages scholars both inside and outside the classroom.

                   School of the Arts

Wilson High School is excited to announce that our School of the Arts pathway will be branching into two strands: The Performing Arts strand and the Visual Arts strand.

The Performing Arts strand:                                                             Focuses on the direct creation of art and entertainment by the individual artist instead of through a secondary physical medium. Performing artists are themselves the medium of creative expression. Students experience 4 years of integrated academics focused in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry. In  addition to completing rigorous A-G courses, a performing artists student will take either a 2+* or 3-4** year course sequence of classes in the same primary art field (Dance**, Instrumental Music*, Musical Theatre**, Theatre Arts**,  or Vocal Music**). 

The Visual  Arts Strand:                                                            Include those occupations that use visual art, digital media, and Web-based tools and materials as the primary means of communication and expression. In addition to an understanding of current workplace practice, this career pathway requires the development of knowledge and skills in both visual art concepts as well as new and emerging digital processes by which individuals are able to create and communicate complex concepts in a broad range of occupations and professions. Visual Artists experience 4  years of integrated academics focused in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry. In addition to completing  rigorous A-G courses, student artists will take either a 3-4** year course sequence of classes in the same primary art field (Animation**, Graphic/2D Design**, Video Arts**, or Visual Arts**).  

Working with their academic classes and larger community, students are expected to practice their skills outside the classroom with internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities. Our artists also have the ability to earn additional certifications from LBCC.

Any interested student is welcome to apply to the pathway.

Students interested in the DISTINGUISHED SCHOLAR pathway experience may apply with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and enrollment in Algebra 1.  

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