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Graduating Woody
Graduating Woody
First Day of School SENIORS! Class of 2019!
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Hello Class of 2019!
class of 2019
Graduation 2020

The Class of 2020 will participate in the 92nd Commencement Graduation exercises on Thursday, June 11th at 5pm on Stephens Field in the Wilson Stadium.  

Senior Prom 2020

Saturday, May 30th at Sirona's at Santa Anita Race Track, 8:00pm - Midnight.  

Any Wilson senior in good standing and a candidate for graduation is entitled to purchase a Prom ticket for himself/herself and a guest.  Each Wilson student attending the Prom must complete the Intent to Purchase form available in Activities.  If Seniors and guests do not have a Wilson High School ASB fine(s), library fine(s), textbook fine(s), and/or no detentions and are a 2019 candidate for graduation will be cleared to purchase ticket(s).  If Seniors appear on any of the lists, they will be required to pay the fine in full or serve your detentions, and complete Service Learning hours.  Off-campus guests must complete an off-campus guest form filled out by their High School.  Guests of high school age must be attending an educational program.  Wilson reserves the right to refuse any guest of our Seniors.  Senior Prom is a zero-tolerance event, any Senior who is found to be under the influence of any controlled substance will lose the privilege of participating in Baccalaureate, Commencement and Grad Nite activities.  Tickets go on sale April 28th for $90. Prices increase to $100 on May 15th and  Increase to $110. on May 22nd and the last and final day to purchase is MAY 28th for $135.

Prom Invitations will be delivered to your ECON/GOV classes on Tuesday, April 7th.  

Senior Rootbeer Float Day - Monday, June 1st

 Seniors purchase your official Senior Mug  before January 31st for $25.00 or after February 3rd for $30.00 and receive a free root beer float at lunch on Monday, June 3rd at lunch in front of Activities. You may pre-order your senior mug at our Banker's window and it will be delivered to Activities or purchase one in Activities the day of the event (first come, first served).

Cookies & Campanile - June 1st 

Seniors who pre-ordered their yearbooks are invited to a special “Senior Only” event on Monday, June 1st at 2:45pm to receive their yearbooks. Seniors will have the opportunity to share the evening with light refreshments and signing each other’s yearbooks in the Media Center.

Senior Breakfast - June 5th 

 Seniors will report to the Quad with Student ID on Friday, June 5th, 7:30am for our traditional pancake breakfast.  Seniors will also have the opportunity to pick up their yearbook, cap & gown and your honor apparel.  Seniors can wear pajamas to Senior Breakfast.  Please do not wear anything that looks remotely like lingerie. If you are dressed in LBUSD inappropriate attire, you will be denied entrance (i.e. no gang attire, sagging pants, hats, bare midriffs, or any other inappropriate attire).  Make this morning a memorable one.

senior recognition Ceremony - June 4th at 6pm in the Auditorium 

This traditional ceremony has taken place here at Wilson since 1927.   This Senior recognition ceremony is filled with class speakers, choral and instrumental selections, scholarship awards, Gold W's, Link Crew, Service learning and other academic achievements.  This is a non-ticketed event. This is a great time to take pictures of the Graduates.  Seniors are to arrive in front of the media center no later than 5:15pm with their Cap & Gown over their arm. 



Bruin Variety Show & Extravaganza - June 8th

Seniors!  We will see you in the Auditorium on Monday, June 10th at 10am.  Enter through the front of the Auditorium for a morning of talent, fun, hilarity and a great day to be a Bruin!  

Graduation Walk - June 9th 

Seniors will report to the West Campus Soccer field on Tuesday, June 9th at 9am with their cap & gown to visit the local elementary and middle schools as a role model.  Permission slips will be distributed in the Graduation Ticket packet.  

Graduation Rehearsal on June 10th @ 8am

Seniors will report to the Baseball field at 8:00am on Wednesday, June 10th through the Park Avenue Gate to participate in Graduation Rehearsal.  At that time Seniors will form their groups of FOUR to walk into the Stadium.   All Seniors will be searched before Graduation.

Graduation Picture Packet

Chappell Studios will be taking three color "proof' pictures of each senior as he/she is receiving his/her diploma case and shaking the hand of the presenter, with the US Flag, and with the audience background. These color proofs will be mailed and/or placed on a website within 24 hours of graduation day. In the event that you want additional pictures of you receiving your diploma, they may return the order form that will be sent with your proof picture. Pre-register with Chappell Studios

Wilson Grad Nite 2020

Grad Nite 2020!

Grad Nite is Thursday, June 11th from 10pm to Friday, June 12th , 5am in the Big Gym

This is your private party to celebrate one last time with everyone in your Wilson graduating class!  You can go to Knott’s or Disneyland any day, but you will never see anything like the party we put on as we transform your school to look like you’ve never seen it before and will never see it again.  All-you-can-eat food, video games, fortune telling, makeup artists, entertainment, prizes and more are included in the ticket price.  Come feel the sense of senior camaraderie that is all the more powerful because it is the last time the Seniors will gather together at the school you’ve shared for the last 4 years. Tickets are on sale at the Banker’s window beginning August 28th for $100 and go up to $110 on February 3rd. On May 11th tickets are $120. and $130 at the door.   You won’t want to miss being where all of your friends will be relaxing, dancing, singing and partying the night away. Buy your tickets now before the price goes up! 

Commencement/Graduation Tickets

Commencement will be held Thursday, June 11,  2019 at 5:00 Stephen’s Field (Wilson Stadium). Graduation Ticket distribution will begin May 30th  during the Senior's Gov/Econ Period in the Activities Office.  Each Senior must fill out the GRADUATION CAP & GOWN FORM and must be turned in before you receive your Graduation tickets.  Each Senior will receive 5 free tickets.  Children age 4 and above are required to have a ticket.


Extra Graduation ticket forms will be delivered to ECON/GOV classes either on Tuesday, April 21, 2019 or Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 to request Extra Graduation tickets.  This form is due to Activities beginning Monday, April 27th to Friday, May 1st by 3:30pm  Seniors will be notified if they were chosen to receive extra tickets when they pick up their original 5 tickets beginning May 26th.  Additional tickets are $15 each.    There are a limited amount of tickets, first come, first served. .