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Championship Summary

At the conclusion of the 2019-20 school year,

Wilson High School has won:

422 - Moore League Championships

64 - CIF Championships

- CIF State Regional Championships

- CIF State Championships

- National Championships



2018-19 CIF Academic Awards

Congratulations to seniors Carolina Newton and Max Berg who were selected as Wilson High School's CIF Female and Male Student-Athletes of the Year!

CIF Winners

Congratulations as well to the following Wilson High School Varsity Sports Teams who earned honorable mention recognition from the CIF Southern Section for earning a team GPA of above 3.0:

Baseball - 3.39 GPA

Boys Basketball - 3.36 GPA

Girls Basketball - 3.52 GPA

Boys Cross-Country - 3.64 GPA

Girls Cross-Country - 3.72 GPA

Football - 3.02 GPA

Boys Golf - 3.03 GPA

Girls Golf - 3.38 GPA

Boys Soccer - 3.15 GPA

Girls Soccer - 3.81 GPA (2nd in CIF)

Softball - 3.47 GPA

Boys Swimming - 3.54 GPA (3rd in CIF)

Girls Swimming - 3.81 GPA (3rd in CIF)

Boys Tennis - 3.51 GPA

Girls Tennis - 3.76 GPA

Boys Track and Field - 3.36 GPA

Girls Track and Field - 3.52 GPA

Traditional Competitive Cheer - 3.44 GPA (5th in CIF)

Boys Volleyball - 3.61 GPA (5th in CIF)

Girls Volleyball - 3.52 GPA

Boys Water Polo - 3.56 GPA

Girls Water Polo - 3.69 GPA (5th in CIF)

Boys Wrestling - 3.40 GPA (5th in CIF)

Girls Wrestling - 3.02 GPA


We are proud of our student-athletes for all of their achievements both on the field and in the classroom!

southern section

Athletic Fields, Gym, Pool Schedules

Moore League Schedules

General Athletic Information

1. Physicals and sport packets are required for each sport. The sport physical needs to run through your season of sport. Coaches will hand out packets to athletes or they may be obtained through the front office. If athletes play a second sport in a school year, they will not be required to do another physical but will have to fill out another sport packet. This pertains to school year not summer.


2. Insurance is required during summer and school year. Myers-Stevens insurance can be purchased for a nominal fee. Forms can be obtained from coaches or downloaded from the school website (open athletics).
3. Athletes are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA to stay eligible for sports. EVERY progress report counts. If you drop under a 2.0 at the end of any grading period, you will be put on probation provided you are passing at least 20 units (4 classes). You are required by the end of the next grading period to be above a 2.0. If not, you are ineligible for the rest of the calendar year. You are only allowed to be on probation once every school year. These are Moore League Rules which supersede CIF.
4. CIF is the governing body for high school athletics. If you have questions regarding transfers, special situations, or rules for certain sports refer to the Blue Book. This site also has forms that may be needed.
5. All parents and players will be given a summer sports camp application that must be signed and turned in before an athlete can participate in summer sports.