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Student Learning Outcomes

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Our Mission

We will provide an exceptional comprehensive high school experience through Linked Learning Pathways so every Wilson Bruin will be a successful and productive citizen.


Our Vision

To be the destination for students who are passionate about arts, leadership, medicine, technology, rigorous academics, and award-winning extra-curricular programs.


Wilson’s Student Learning Outcomes

  1. College and Career Ready Scholar

Graduates will develop and manage a personal education and career plan, and demonstrate application of academic and technical competencies to a chosen career field.

  1. Critical and Innovative Problem Solver

Graduates will understand the nature of problems, create innovative solutions, and make informed decisions by using critical and creative thinking, logical reasoning, analysis, inquiry, and problem-solving techniques.

  1. Adaptable and Product Citizen

Graduates will act as a productive citizen by demonstrating responsibility and flexibility in fulfilling personal, professional, and community expectations.

  1. Ethical Decision Maker

Graduates will display personal and professional integrity by demonstrating leadership, effective decision-making, and ethical personal and professional management skills.

  1. Effective Communicator and Collaborator

Graduates will demonstrate leadership qualities through the ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, innovate, and think creatively.