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Bear Store Committee

Committee Members


Lani Merlina, Bear Store Co-Chair

Claudine Weingartner, Bear Store Co-Chair

Kim Erkman, Volunteer Scheduler

Alicia Deleray, Online Sales

Bear Store Committee

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Bear Store

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LB Wilson PTSA 


Bear Store 2020/2021

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Why Buy @ The Bear Store

The Wilson Bear Store is one of the main services provided by the PTA and is a major source of funds for Wilson PTA programs.

The Bear Store is located in the main quad by building 100A and adjacent to the snack bar lines.  

Without volunteers, we lose a major fundraising program.  

all volunteers need to be a vip

Bear Store Hours


We are online!!

We accept:

VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

All checks made out to Wilson PTA.


Volunteer at the Bear Store

Purchase your Wilson gear at our online store!!!