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2019-2020 PTSA President

Kim Erkman

Wilson PTSA Membership

 Andrea Miller

Wilson PTSA Reflections

Bridgette Jones

General Meetings:

Location Wilson Media Center 



PTSA 2019-2020 calendar

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PTA Reflections Art Program is officially here at Wilson!!!
Look Within

This year’s theme is “Look Within”.                 

Bruins submit your completed work of art in one or all art categories:

♦  Dance Choreography

♦  Film Production  

♦  Literature     

♦  Music Composition

♦  Photography

♦  Visual Arts


Student entry packets with the official rules are available in the Media Center or maybe downloaded below. This a wonderful opportunity for students to express their creativity.    

The deadline for entries is October 25th!

For more information and submission contact:     

Bridgette Jones, PTSA Reflections Art Program Coordinator                        email coordinator     


PTSA Reflections Art Program

PTSA 2019/2020

Membership Makes A Difference!  Wilson is a PTSA, Parent, Teacher, Student Association.  

We are a strong voice for our local to National PTA.

Help us bring more enrichment and support to Wilson. 

Your voice counts as a PTSA member. 

Love Them First: Lessons from Lucy Laney Elementary follows the determination of a charismatic north Minneapolis school principal, Mauri Melander Friestleben, as she sets out to undo history. Not only does Minnesota have the largest achievement gap between black and white children in the United States, Friestleben faced another seemingly impossible obstacle, with Lucy Laney at the bottom of the state's list of underperforming schools for two decades. Under Friestleben's leadership, standardized test scores from most black students began rising for the first time, but when the school encounters a heartbreaking setback, Friestleben is forced to confront the true measure of student success at Lucy Laney. It's a story of inspiration, heartbreak, perseverance and the power of love.
Click link to register and get tickets for this free event


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Wilson High School PTSA Presents

The bears store is online

Wilson High School Bear Store

Bear Store Volunteers Needed

Bear Store Volunteers Needed

The Wilson PTSA urgently needs your help to staff the Bear Store, Wilson's biggest fundraising arm! With the new block schedule the store is open every day at lunchtime, 11-11:30 am and Fridays from 7:15-7:50 am before school.

The Bear Store provides all funds for our annual senior scholarships, funding for special student events, assistance for students to attend Grad Nite, and other programs. 

Please report to the Activities Office before your shift, at the side of the Media Center. You will be given the cash box and need to sign in. There must be 2 volunteers for cash box to be released. Thank you.

Ptsa president letter

PTSA President Letter
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PTA Information

Wilson PTSA

c/o Wilson High School
4400 E 10th Street
Long Beach, CA  90804


Long Beach Council PTA

1515 Hughes Way, Suite 227

Long Beach, CA 90810



33rd (Thirty-Third) District PTA

5629 Pearce Avenue

Lakewood, CA 90712

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1235

Lakewood, CA 90714
Phone: 562-804-4519


California State PTA

2327 L Street

Sacramento, CA 95816-5014
Phone: (916) 440-1985 Fax: (916) 440-1986


National PTA

National PTA Headquarters
1250 N. Pitt Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone: (800) 307-4782
Fax: (703) 836-0942

The National PTA (National Congress of Parents and Teachers) is a volunteer educational organization, founded in Washington, D.C., in 1897. Branches of the National PTA have been established in all 50 United States, the District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands, and in schools for American dependents in Europe and the Pacific area.

The California State PTA (California Congress of Parents, Teachers, and Students, Inc.) is a branch of the National PTA, serving as a connecting link between the national organization and its membership within the state.

District PTAs are geographical divisions of the California State PTA, established to carry out its programs. All PTA districts organized after July 1, 1980, are required to have number designations.

Councils of PTAs/PTSAs are created by the California State PTA for the purpose of conference, leadership training, and coordination of efforts of the member units.

Unit PTAs are organized and chartered in conformity with rules and regulations as prescribed in the bylaws of the California State PTA. These units are self-governing bodies for the purpose of planning programs and activities to meet local community needs. However, they are required to observe policies of the California State PTA and/or National PTA.