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Counseling Department

Contact Yessika Aguirre  Yessika Aguirre Counseling Secretary
Contact Stephanie Bilvado  Stephanie Bilvado (562) 433-0481 ex: 6119 Counselor 12th Grade M-R, 9th & 10th School of Medicine and Biotechnology
Contact Ariel Gonzales  Ariel Gonzales (562) 433-0481 ex: 6120 Counselor 11th Grade M-Z, 9th& 10th Grade School of Technology (PLTW
Contact Maureen Gorman  Maureen Gorman (562) 433-0481 ex: 6124 Counselor 11-12th Grades M-Z Distinguished Scholars/WAVE/DI, 12th Grade A-E
Contact Debra Hilliard  Debra Hilliard (562) 433-0481 ex: 6118 Counselor 11th Grade A-L, 12th Grade F-L, 9th &10th Grade School of Arts M-Z
Contact Mayra Murillo-Reyes  Mayra Murillo-Reyes (562) 433-0481 ex: 6112 Data Technician
Contact Marcia Nye  Marcia Nye (562) 433-0481 ex: 6122 Counselor 9th and 10th WAVE Pathway and 11th and12th Grades A-L Distinguished
Contact Rolando Saldivar  Rolando Saldivar (562) 433-0481 ex: 6117 Head Counselor
Contact Robin Sroka  Robin Sroka (562) 433-0481 ex: 6914 College and Career Specialist
Contact Elisa Thornton  Elisa Thornton (562) 433-0481 ex: 6123 Enrollment & Records A-L