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Community Service Hours and Graduation Distinctions

Service Learning gives students opportunities to engage in real-world work experiences, which are authentic, hands-on and experiential.  Students can connect what they are learning in school, learn more about themselves and their interests, while also making a positive contribution to the community.  This experience also helps students learn more about various potential careers. While participation in Serving Learning is highly encouraged for all Bruins, the following groups are required to complete service-learning hours. 

Distinguished Scholar and Dual Immersion students are required to complete 40 hours of Service Learning by the beginning of May of senior year to graduate with this distinction.  WAVE students are required to complete 80 hours of Service Learning by the beginning of May of their Senior year to graduate with this distinction. 

Starting for the class of 2021, all students, regardless of pathway, must complete Service Learning hours to graduate with a distinction.  Please see the chart below:


Academic GPA

# of Required AP classes

Service Learning Hours (1/2 connected to the industry sector)






Distinguished Scholars students must graduate in this range

High Honors



















The types of service that are acceptable are non-profit agencies or a non-profit activity (not for-profit, free labor for office, day care etc are not acceptable).  Some examples of acceptable places to obtain service learning hours include:

  • The Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club, Police PALS sites, YMCA, Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity are the types of local agencies to consider.
  • Animal control, the aquarium, libraries, nature centers, litter abatement, the ranchos, are local agencies and youth programs
  • Schools need help with tutoring/mentoring and with recreation programs during the summer and all year.Many hospitals and convalescent homes have volunteer programs.
  • All volunteer sports groups such as AYSO, LBYSO and Pop Warner are acceptable (camps where students pay to attend are not acceptable).
  • Examples of other non-profit activities are participating in walk-a-thons, beach, wet-lands and park clean-ups.Neighborhood clean-up and elderly assistance days.
  • Helping a church feed/clothe/shelter those in need is okay. Teaching about your religion to others is not acceptable.


Hours prior to your high school graduation date will not be accepted.  You can reach Mr. Axelson, Service Learning Coordinator, in room 004 (Park Ave.) during lunch or email if you have questions regarding acceptable places for your Service Learning hours. 

Local non-profit agencies

Here is a list of acceptable local non-profit agencies to obtain Learning Service hours including contact information and other details:




Contact Person


Student Volunteer Positions


American  Red Cross

3150 E. 29th St.

Long Beach 90806

Lakia Pearson

Manager of Youth & Young Adult Services


(562) 490-4014


Youth Site


Positions:  Unlimited positions for youth

Days:  7 days a week, year-round

Hours: Open

Duties/Skills: Varied

Training:  Varies

Procedure:  Visit the web site for ongoing projects.

American Youth Soccer Association Region 177 Belmont Shore CA

2908 Coolidge

Long Beach 90805




No contact at this time.  Please visit the web site:








Position:  Youth Soccer Referees & Assistant Coaches

# of positions:  Approx. 25 each

Days:  Saturday games

Times:  4 hours a week for a minimum of 10 weeks, mornings and or afternoons. (Asst. Coaches varied practices during the week)

Training:  by AYSO

Skills needed: Responsible, happy, leaders, some soccer experience helpful.

Responsibilities:  Referee or help coach youth soccer.


Animal Control Division

Department of Health and Human Services

7700 E. Spring St.

Long Beach 90815



David Linn,



(562) 570-3073


Fax:  (562) 570-3053




Position:  Animal Control Cadet

# of positions: 12 per year

Age:  Must be 15 years old

Days: Wednesday - Sunday

Hours: Morning and Afternoon blocks

  (1 assignment starts each month.)

Duties: Caring for animals, cleaning cages, feeding, providing water, assisting with medical needs. May ride-a-along with Animal Control Officer as they perform their duties.


Aquarium of the Pacific

100 Aquarium Way

Long Beach, 90802

Sean Deveraux

Manager, Volunteer Services


(562) 951-1672


Fax: (562) 951-3111



Summer Positions Only 

Must be 16 years old


Position 1: Exhibit Interpreter in Education

Commitment:100 hours needed (M -Thurs. 9 - 6: Fri. 9-9)

Procedure: Submit application on web site.

Skills: Need reliable students who are eager to learn about marine animals.


Position 2: Aquarium Host in Guest Services

# of positions: unlimited

Days: All 7 days open

Hours: 9-6 M-Th; 9-9 on Fridays

Duties: Act as host, meeting guests and orienting them to the Aquarium. Helping with exhibits.

Skills:  People oriented; reliable.

Procedure: Submit application on web site.


Position 3: Retail Support in Pacific Collection

Days: Open

Hours: Open

Duties: Check in new merchandise, maintain displays, assist guests.

Skills:  People oriented; willingness to learn & provide support for all retail activities.

Procedure: Submit application on web site.


Beach Cleanup Organization

(Part of the Community Action Team)

5209 E. The Toledo #1

Long Beach 90803

Justin Rudd, President

(562) 439-3316


Fax:  (562) 439-2681



Position:  Beach Steward

# of positions:  unlimited

Procedure:  Meet on the beach at the end of Ocean and Granada Ave. at 10 am on the third Sat. of each month.  Bags and gloves are provided.

Best Buddies California

5711 W. Slauson Ave.

Suite 170

Los Angeles, CA 90130

Jessica Brooks,

High School and Middle School Supervisor

(310) 642-2620

To apply, you must be a student at:

Jordan HS

Millikan HS

Lakewood HS

Long Beach Poly HS

Wilson Classical HS

Send an email describing why you would like to be a friend with a special education student at your school.

(DeMille & Hughes MS have this program -  but not for HS credit.)

Position:  Peer Buddy Volunteer

# of positions: unlimited

Commitment: Call your Buddy once each week and have lunch with your Buddy twice each month during the school year.

Days:  Usually one day each week is set aside for a Best Buddies activity.

Times:  Lunch

Responsibilities: Attend and participate in Best Buddies meetings during lunch; participate in activities planned by the student leaders.

Skills needed: Consistent attendance, active participation and fulfilling the commitment to your Buddy.


Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

3720 Stephen White Drive

San Pedro, CA 90731

Randi Abrams-Gonzalez

Volunteer Coordinator

(310) 548-8398


Position: Varied duties on special events:


Please see 'Events/Web Sites' button at this web site, for a list of current events at the museum.

Centro Shalom

2131 Long Beach Blvd

Long Beach 90806

Amelia Nieto, Director


(562) 591-2214


Fax: 591-8554

Position 1:  Intake Worker

Days and Hours: Varied/Open

Skills:  Good Communication, willingness to learn and help people in need.


Position 2:  Spanish Computer Tutor

Duties:  Help Spanish speaking adults learn computer skills

Skills:  Good Computer skills, patience

Days and hours: M-F Evenings

Procedure:  Call for an appointment, and interview with Ms. Nieto.


Children’s Dental

Health Clinic

455 E. Columbia

Long Beach, CA 90806




Jean Petrillo

Oral Health Education Coordinator


(562) 933-0543




Position:  Oral Health Ambassador

Days and Hours: Varied

Duties: Educates target populations about Oral Health Education. Helps schedule and conduct oral health prevention workshops to small groups. Provides translation services as needed.

Skills: Ability to communicate effectively and respectably. Must be able to speak and write English, Spanish or Khmer. Needs sensitivity to issues of dental health needs.  Some clerical support needed.


Community Action Team/30 min. Beach Cleanup

Justin Rudd,


(562) 439-3316


(562) 439-2681




No need to apply!  Simply pick up a broom & long-handled dust pan that are available at Holly's Hallmark, 5012 E. 2nd St (@Granada Ave. (562) 434-5291.  (They are open 10 - 8 most nights.  A SL Log with hours will be signed & ready for pick up when you return the broom/dust pan.)


Position: Cigarette Butt Sweeping

Days: Daily during business hours

# of positions: 2 brooms/dustpans available at any time

Hours: 1 - 4 hours depending upon students availability

Duties:  Sweep up cigarette butts & other debris from street gutters on 2nd St. in Belmont Shore - before the debris enters storm drains which flow to the ocean. 

Community Hospital of Long Beach

1720 Termino Ave

Long Beach 90804

Gayle Clock

Director of Volunteer Services




Fax: (562) 498-4434


Position:  Various

Age:  Minimum 15 years old

Duties:  To enhance patient stay in hospital, to assist staff

Skills Needed:  Communication, responsible, reliable, good health and a professional outlook

El Dorado Nature Center

7550 E. Spring St.

Long Beach 90815



Susan Ettinger

Volunteer Coordinator


(562) 570-1749



Fax: (562) 570-8530



Students must be 16 years old to volunteer alone.  Student under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


Position 1:  Adopt a Wetland

# of positions: 50 per day

Dates: 3rd Sat. of each month.

Times: 2 - 4 PM

Skills Needed: Bending, walking following directions to clean wetlands.

Call:  (562) 570-4885 for locations


Position 2:  Saturday Stewards

# of positions: 50 per day

Days: 1st Sat. of every month

Time: 10 AM

Duties:  Help with ground's maintenance and restoration projects at El Dorado Nature Center. 

Skills Needed: Bend, lift and dig.

Call:  (562) 570-1745, advanced registration required.


Position 3: California Coastal Cleanup

# of positions: unlimited

Date:  3rd Sat. in September

Time: 9 AM

Procedure:  The main cleanup site is located at the beach maintenance yard near the Belmont Pool (Call 570-4885 for additional locations.)


Position 4:  Adopt a Beach

Procedure:  Groups sign-up to clean an area of the beach 4 times a year.  This can be on any day of the week at times TBA. 

Call: 570-4885 to sign up.


El Dorado Park West

City Of Long Beach

2800 Studebaker Rd

Long Beach, CA 90815

Andrea Lain-Ruffino


(562) 570-3226

Position: Multiple

Days & Hours:  Varies

Duties/Skills: Works well with children ages 5-12.  Ability to communicate effectively and respectably.  Available to attend trainings and meetings. 

Please call Andrea to make an appointment

Habitat for Humanity

South Bay/Long Beach

17700 S. Figueroa St.

Gardena, Ca 90248



Sarah Weiss

Volunteer Coordinator


(310) 323-4663

Ext. 113


Fax: (310) 323-0789



Position:  Crew Member

Age:  Minimum 16 years old

Commitment:  1 day

Important: Every group of 5 volunteers needs to be accompanied by 1 adult chaperone (over the age of 21)

Duties:  General construction (including framing, installing insulation, hanging drywall, painting, siding & roofing.

Training: There is a safety training at the beginning of each work day. On site crew leaders teach new volunteers skills.

Procedure:  Contact Sarah Weiss at (310)323-4663 ext.113 for applications and project times.

Khmer Girls in Action

1355 Redondo Ave. #9

Long Beach 90804

Suely Ngouy

Executive Director


(562) 986-9415


Fax: (562) 986-9416

Position:  High School Staff

# of positions: 2 - 4

Days: Tues. - Fri. Afternoons

Times: negotiable

Training: 6 hours

Skills: Leadership skills, hard working, good organizational skills, work with youth.

LINC Housing

110 Pine Avenue, Suite 500

 Long Beach, CA 90802




Ian Nevarez

Volunteer Coordinator


(562) 684-1129


Position:  Administrative Volunteer in support of affordable housing

Times:  varies, 4 hrs per week is best.

Qualifications:  Organizational skills, good people & communication skills, computer skills, (word, excel, outlook & Mac), flexible, independent & must maintain client confidentiality.

Responsibilities:  Data collection & entry, filing, correspondence, mailings, answering phones.

LINC Housing

110 Pine Avenue, Suite 500

 Long Beach, CA 90802




Seasons at Lakewood II

21309 Bloomfield Avenue

Lakewood, CA 90715


Ian Nevarez

Volunteer Coordinator


(562) 684-1129



Activity Facilitator (for limited-income senior citizens)

Location:  Seasons at Lakewood

LINC Senior Activities:

  2. Games (i.e., Bingo, Pokeno, Bunko)
  3. Sewing/knitting/ Crocheting
  4. Exercise and Fitness
  5. Arts and Crafts
  6. Community Events

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in set-up and clean-up of program space
  2. Facilitate program activities
  3. Set a good example by being punctual, enthusiastic, and helpful
  4. Report on program to property management and LINC staff


  1. Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age
  2. Enthusiasm, patience, a sense of fun, and concern for safety are essential
  3. Communicate well with diverse and senior populations


  1. Attend orientation
  2. Duration of commitment varies
  3. Comply with policies and procedures associated with the LINC Cares Volunteer Program


Litter Abatement & Awareness Campaign

City of LB

2929 E. Willow Street

Long Beach 90806

Jill Hill, Clean-Up Coordinator


 (562) 570-2895


Please visit our web site for upcoming clean- up events.  Show up if you are available to help for volunteer hours!


Position:  Assist with Neighborhood clean-ups

# of positions:  unlimited

Day/time:  Saturday mornings only

Responsibilities:  sweep, rake & pick up trash & litter from streets & alleys

Skills Needed:  Good physical condition



Long Beach Child and Adolescent Program

240 E. 20th Street

Long Beach, CA 90806

Dr. Norma Cano,

Volunteer Training Coordinator


 (562) 599-9271

Position:  Office and Support Services

Service Needed: 1-3 positions available

Days:  Monday-Friday

Times: M,T and TH, 8-6; W 8-7 and F 8-5

Duties: Assist in office duties and support services.

Skills Needed: Computer skills, Friendly, Dependable and Mature. 

Long Beach Memorial and Children's Hospital Volunteer Resources

2801 Atlantic Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90806

Debbie Downing

Director, Volunteer Resources


(562) 933-1486


Fax: (562) 933-1490




Position: Volunteens

Age: Minimum 15 years old

Skills Needed: Students who are mature, responsible, demonstrate good judgment, respect patient’s privacy and work effectively in a fast paced, multi-cultural environment.  GPA 3.0 or above.

Positions Available: 50 - 75 per session

Days: Once a week for a 2/3 hour shift

Days: Monday - Saturday

Hours:  40 hours per  spring or summer session

Times: Arrange with Director

Procedure:  Obtain application in November for Spring session and in April for summer session, submit completed application, reference form and letter of recommendation by deadline.  Student must attend a general orientation.


Long Beach Search and Rescue


2247 E. Argonne Ave

Long Beach, CA 90815




Recruitment is conducted only once a year in early October.


Call or visit website or come to Oct. 9th meeting


Lee Lim, Recruitment Officer


(562) 841-5435


Attend 1st Nighter meeting on October 9, 2007 at 6:30PM for more information


Oral interview follows a physical agility exam


Position:  Search & Rescue Team Member

Age:  15 to 18 by 10/23/07

# of Positions:  20 – 30

Days/Hours:  Tuesdays 6:30 – 10 PM, some weekends, and on-call for emergencies

Duties:  Attend regular meetings weekly (Tuesdays) for training; maintain vehicles & equipment & participate in community events.

Skills needed/Expectations:  Desire to serve the public in emergencies and public events.  Maintain a ‘C’ average in school.  Remain proficient in skills learned throughout membership.

Procedure:  Try-outs are only once a year in early October.


Meals on Wheels of Long Beach

241 Cedar

Long Beach, CA 90802




Terry Ripple



(562) 432-6215


Service Needed: Food Packer

Days:  Monday-Friday

Times: Mornings

Duties: Pack Food

Skills Needed: Must be at least 16, and to be on time.


Pacific Hospital of Long Beach

Volunteer Services Dept.


2776 Pacific Ave.

Long Beach 90808



Angel Mendoza,

Volunteer Services Coordinator


(562) 997-2422


Fax: (562) 997-2423



Positions:  Unlimited positions for Volunteens, year-round (training provided).

Age:  Minimum 15 years old

Days: Open

Time Commitment: 50 hours (4 hours minimum per week).

Skills needed: Students who are responsible, organized, mature, trustworthy, reliable and respect patient's privacy.

Procedure: Fill out an application by downloading from our web site or walk-in at the hospital volunteer services dept.  (Application must be signed by a parent/guardian).  Student will have an interview.  You must have a TB test before you start volunteering (the test will be provided by the hospital).  You will get a tour of the hospital and you can start volunteering!


Port of Long Beach

Communications &

Community Relations



925 Harbor Plaza Drive

Long Beach, CA 90802








Renee Moilanen

Administrative Analyst


(562) 901-1773






Positions:  Various projects including assistance with the Annual Green Port Fest, environmental clean-up, assistance with public harbor tours, educational and community outreach.

Age:  All LBUSD High School students invited

Days:  Most projects will take place on a Sat.  Some projects may require a educational classroom session on a weekday afternoon. 

Time Commitment:  Varies by project.

Skills Needed:  Students who are enthusiastic.  Must be responsible, organized, mature, trustworthy, reliable and work well with Port staff and the community.

Procedure:  Visit Education Site  for details on specific projects.  To apply, fill out the online application form.


Quilts of Valor

(Makes quilts for wounded veterans)


Meets at  ‘SewVac’

1762 Clark Ave

Long Beach 90815


Barbara Winkler


(562) 925-7673



Position 1:  Donations of fabric, thread, batting, postage

Position 2: Make a quilt top

Day:  Thursdays at Sew Vac 1 - 5

Skills needed: None!  You will be taught to cut, sew, press, bind & label.  You may make a quilt top yourself or work with a team to produce one.  Bring your mom or friends. 


Sexual Assault Crisis Agency

3711 Long Beach Blvd. Suite 815

Long Beach 90807




Mary Vasquez

Interim Director Crisis Services

(562) 908-0309

Ext. 102


Position:  Office Assistants

# of positions: 10

Age: at least 14

Commitment: 4 hrs. a week for 10 weeks

Days:  Monday - Friday (days and times flexible)

Responsibilities: Data entry, filing,

Skills: Positive attitude, some computer knowledge


St. Mary Medical Center/Families in Good Health/ Young Women's Movement for Vision and Purpose  

411  E. 10th St.

Suite 207

Long Beach 90813


Jeanetta McAlpin 

Project  Coordinator


(562) 491-9 000 

ext  5418 

fax: (562) 491- 7979 

Position:  Unlimited positions for youth ages 13-19 yrs.    

Days/Hours: Flexible, year round   

Responsibilities  :  Varied

Training: Training for ongoing projects.  

Skills Needed: Reliable, willingness to learn, positive attitude.

Procedure: Call for appointment and interview with Ms. McAlpin at (562) 491-9000 Ext. 5418

St. Mary Medical Center/Families in Good Health/EM3 Program

411 E. 10th St.

Suite 207

Long Beach 90813


Ladine Chan

Program Coordinator

(562) 491-9100

ext 2402


fax: (562) 491-9824

Position:  Peer Educator

Days & Times:  Vary

Duties:  Vary

Skills Needed:  Leadership skills, working with the community of LB, communicate well with others, willing to learn new things.

Unitarian Universalist Church of LB

5450 Atherton St

Long Beach 90815



Tamara Casanova,

Director of Religious Education


(562) 597-8445

Ext. 113


FAX: (562) 597-6046


Position:  Various

# of positions: Unlimited

Days: Sunday Mornings

Duties:  Assist with our various service projects.  Projects are varied and include service directly to the greater LB Community and to international organizations

Skills: Various


United Cambodian Community Inc.

2201  E. Anaheim St.

Long Beach 90804



Sara Pol-Lim

Volunteer Coordinator


(562) 433-2490


Fax: (562) 433-0564

Position: Tutor, Mentor, Web Site Designer, Clerical

Age:  Minimum of 14 years

Days:  Mon - Sat.

Times: Varies

Skills:  Willingness to learn

Procedure:  Stop by and talk to the staff!

VA Long Beach Healthcare System Medical Center

5901 E. 7th St.

Long Beach 90822



Patricia McVey

Voluntary Service Specialist


(562) 826-5715


Fax: (562) 8265721


Position:  Volunteer Patient Interaction/Visitation

# of positions:  unlimited

Days and Times:  Flexible (suggest 4 hours a week for 10 weeks)

Duties: Visit and interact with hospitalized veterans

Skills Needed: Good verbal and listening skills, along with sensitivity to others.



After School Program

At Whittier Elementary



1761 Walnut Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90813

Eddie Gardiner

Site Director


(562) 824-2822


Mark Marano

Site Coordinator


(562) 490-8091


Position:  After School ` Volunteer

# of Positions: Unlimited

Days & Times:  M – F,  3 – 5:45 PM

Duties:  Assist with all aspects of program (homework assistance, literacy, enrichment, and recreation).

Procedure:  Email the site director (Eddie Gardiner) for more information and to schedule an interview.

Youth Service Division

Parks, Recreation & Marina


1150 E. 4th Street

Suite 205

Long Beach 90802



Andrew Romero

Youth Development Specialist


(562) 570-3538

FAX: (562) 570-8692

(Applications are available or will be mailed to interested students. Call (562) 570-3539.)


Position:  District Level Youth Advisory Council Member

# of positions: 10 - 15 Per Council District

Commitment: 48 hours (4 hours per month for 10 months)

Days/Times: M, T, W, Th afternoons

Responsibilities: Attend monthly district level youth advisory councils (of students residence) and participate in decision making process for youth concerns

Skills:  Punctuality, responsible, participates

Youth Service Division, Parks, Recreation & Marina

1150 E. 4th Street

Suite 205

Long Beach 90802



Andrew Romero

Youth Development Specialist


(562) 570-3538


FAX (562) 570-8692


(You must live in Long Beach and apply for the 'district' of your residence. Complete Commissioner application 

or call (562) 570-3538.

Position: Commissioner - City of Long Beach Commission on Youth and Children

# of positions: 9 - one from each City Council District

Commitment: 4 hours per month for a minimum of 24 months

Days: The last Wed. Night of each month

Times: Evenings  (5:00 - 7:30)

Responsibilities:  Attend monthly Commission meetings, act in a leadership capacity to respective District Level youth Advisory Councils, attend and participate in related local, state & regional activities related to the role of a commissioner.

Skills needed: Consistent attendance, active participation, and a willingness to learn the core skills of civic engagement and translate them into meaningful youth engagement and decision making in local government.


Youth Service Division

Parks, Recreation & Marina

1150 E. 4th Street

Suite 205

Long Beach 90802



Andrew Romero

Youth Services Superintendent


(562) 570-3538



To apply:  Send an e-mail describing why you would like to do service on the 'Youth and Gang Violence Prevention Task Force'.

Position: Youth Member, City of Long Beach Youth & Gang Violence Prevention Task Force (Y&GVP)

# of positions: unlimited

Commitment: 4 hours per month for a minimum of 10 months

Days: Usually the 2nd Monday of each month

Times: Evenings from 6 - 8:30 PM

Responsibilities: Attend and participate in monthly Youth & Gang Violence Prevention Task Force meetings; participate in related activities as decided upon by the task force.

Skills needed: Consistent attendance, active participation and willingness to contribute ideas and experiences related to the subject of youth and gang violence prevention.