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Ms. Roxxan Rendon

Teaching Philosophy

Art and design are important. They are everywhere. I want to teach students the power that being artistic has in the real world. I had a career in the advertising and design industry for eight years before going back to school to become a teacher. I feel that my fine arts and design background, make me uniquely qualified to help students realize their artistic abilities and infuse them into all aspects of their academic life and future endeavors.


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” —Edgar Degas


Why art?

“Joyous as it may be, the act of creating art demands enormous self-discipline that can and will teach students to learn how to handle frustration and failure in pursuit of their idea. It requires setting goals, generating several options, selecting a strategy, determining how to apply it, and continuously making assessments and revisions, in other words, thinking and solving problems. It is the human mind operation at its very best.” —National Art Education Association

Important Information

Office Hours:

I am usually available during Nutrition, Lunch, before school and during my conference periods (blocks 2 and 7). I will give notice on those days I will not be available during these times, but please email me directly or through School Loop to set up a time if you need to meet. I will also make appointments after school for extenuating circumstances.


Best way to reach me:

Emailing me through School Loop (loopmail) or directly, is the best way to reach me.


Grading Questions:

I am using a new scaled grading system for the 2018-19 school year. This system grades more accurately like a GPA and AP grading system rather than the traditional percentage grading. You will see letter grades in School Loop rather than percentage increments. There is also language in the syllabi regarding this change. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.


*I grade promptly after due dates and try to give detailed feedback for grades not receiving full credit. I expect students to be responsible for their own academics and check their grades and notes regarding their grades frequently in School Loop. I will not go back further than two weeks to update or fix grades that the student has not spoken to me about (without certain extenuating circumstances).*


I= Incomplete/ 0 points: There will be a detailed note about what you need to complete the assignment. The assignment cannot be graded for points until it is complete (this usually means there is a problem with the way the assignment was turned in, and that I have no access to the assignment).


M=Missing/ 0 points: I have not received any submission of the assignment.


A=Absent/ 0 points: This is a reminder to the student that they are missing the assignment. You have as many excused absent days that you were gone to turn in the assignment. After that, if it is not turned in, it is missing. If it is turned in past the days the student was absent, it will lose points for late work. 


E=Exempt: You are exempt from this assignment.


Assignments not turned in on time will lose points each day. I will not accept work that is more than two weeks late (barring any extreme circumstances).


Please see your syllabus for specific class policies.


If you are absent, it is your responsibility to talk to me upon return and see what you have missed. All assignments and agendas will be posted on School Loop so you have access at all times. I also respond to email quite often if you have any questions or concerns.


Mobile Phone Policy:

Mobile phones should be off and away during class time unless otherwise stated. I often encourage technology use and music for studio time in my classroom. That being said, if I am giving instruction or having students work specifically without phones, I expect them to be put away and not in use (that includes earbuds hiding under hoods). Using technology responsibly is a huge sign of maturity and I expect my students to behave maturely in these classes. If your phone becomes a distraction or a problem, I will ask you to put it away, leave it home or I will enforce more severe consequences.


Ms. Rendon
Ms. Rendon