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Sat. Nov. 3, 2018 – Avalanche, Ocean Beach

Sat. Jan. 12, 2019 – Army/Navy Academy, Carlsbad

Sat. Feb. 23, 2019 – Oceanside Pier/South - Cancelled

Sat. Mar. 2, 2019 – Ponto, Carlsbad

Sat. Mar. 30, 2018 – La Jolla Shores

High School State Champs – April 13, 14, 15, 2019  Oceanside Harbor South Jetty


Summer surf Camp



Read the surf website each week. Revised and updated information is posted below.

Wilson Surf Team 2019

Surf Families,
Important announcements for the Week of 3/25/19 to 3/30/2019.

1. Surf Competitions - We have two this week. Girls Sea View League v Millikan Thu. 3/28/19 @ Bolsa 20.


2. SSS Competition @ La Jolla Shores - Boys and Girls. Line-up will be posted by Wed. evening. Competitors and alternates need to be at the Wilson tent for check-in @ 9:00am. Map linked below.


La Jolla Shores


3. 6:30 am Start time. We will return 6:30 am start time at first light on Monday 3/25.

Always check the website before you head to the beach in the morning.


Sea view league Championships


Aleah Corbo (2nd Shortboard & 4th Long Board)
Carter White (2nd Body Board)
Elly Lloyd (6th Long Board)
Lennox Morris (4th Body Board)

Surf Schedule (Week of 3/25/19 TO 3/30/19)

Mon. 3/25/19 - Bolsa 22 
Tue. 3/26/19 - Golden West, HB
Wed. 3/27/19 - Rm 166 Study Hall         (Junior SAT)
Thu. 3/28/19 -Bolsa 20 (Comp v Millikan) 
Fri. 3/29/19 - 11th ST. HB                            Sat.  3/30/19 - La Jolla Shores (SSS Comp)
All beach days are at 6:30 am
All Gymnastics/166 days are at 7:50am          
Make sure you have a board and wetsuit. Be prepared to train, paddle, and surf.
body glove

Surf Team Paperwork 2018-19


Head CoachES

Tony Martinho 



Bryce Leisy


Clearance Info

Complete the season athletic clearance protocol if you have not done so already. 

Students can not be released to surf during the school year until they have been cleared by the school. This requires a yearly medical physical and submission of the Sport Clearance packet. We would like all students at the beach by September 12th. Students not cleared by the school, will not be allowed to participate. If you have not already scheduled a Medical/Sports physical, it is recommended that you do so immediately. Please bring your completed packet the first day of school.

Surf Team Class Paperwork: Orientation letter, Contest schedule, Donation letter, Class Syllabus, Surf Team Contract, Field Trip Permission Form. This paperwork will be distributed the first day of school or can be downloaded and printed from the links above.

If you are not cleared it is because.........
A. You need complete your physical and athletic clearance paperwork
B. You need to submit team paperwork (Donation letter, Class syllabus, Application/Contract, Field trip request) Links are above.
C. You did the above at the end of last week and the school is in the process of clearing you. (It takes a couple of days) Weekly schedule is posted to the right.

Surf Days / School days /Weather

CLASS/SURF TIMES:  Surf team/classes begin when school opens in the fall and continue until school is finished in June. Classes are scheduled for all student/surfers daily from 7:50-9:17am when on campus and from 6:30-8:00 am when at the beach  and will be listed on the student/surfer schedule as period 1&2. 

Surf Schedule:  Weekly schedule will be discussed and coordinated with other schools and lifeguard departments and may need to vary from time to time.  Sunday evenings after 8:30 pm students should check the Surf Team website for the upcoming week’s locations and times. Sometimes there are special bell schedules and /or necessary changes. Due to the nature of this sport there can, and will be mid-week changes if necessary. It is the student/surfers responsibility to view the website each day before heading to the beach or classroom.

WEATHER:  In case of bad weather on days class meets at the beach, check the Surf Team website for instructions. Surf class may be moved back to school due to weather/water conditions. Always check the website before you head to the beach in the morning.

Huntington Beach - We will be surfing frequently in Huntington Beach. In order to purchase a parking pass, students must be present and provide their current school ID. Passes are still one per student at $5. Lifeguard Headquarters is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday from 9am-3pm. Coaches are unable to pick up passes, they must by obtained at the LG headquarters with student ID.

If you have any questions regarding the forms, paperwork, or the surfing program at Wilson  High School, please call

Coach Martinho at 562-433-0481, extension 6813, or Coach Leisy at 562-209-8749.


Weekly schedule will always be posted on the right of this page.