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Wilson High School Visitation Policy

Wilson High School Visitation Policy

In an effort to ensure the safety and security of our campus, students and staff, Wilson High School is a closed campus during school hours. All persons are required to check in at the Main Entrance. All visitors are required to show identification and wear a visitor’s badge for the duration of your visit. To minimize campus and classroom disruptions, parents should schedule an appointment with all staff members prior to arriving to campus. Requests for appointments and/or classroom observations should be scheduled with the teacher and site administrator at least 24 hours in advance. In an effort to minimize interruption to the educational environment, the length of each classroom visit should not exceed 20 minutes.


Classroom visitations or observations are limited for the following reasons:


·Impact on the learning environment

·Time away from task by staff

·School safety


Should someone other than a parent/guardian request a classroom visit, he/she must have a signed parental permission form or be accompanied by the parent/guardian. This includes advocates or attorneys representing the child/family.


Please provide the following information when scheduling a classroom observation:

·Reason for the observation (objective)

·Position of the observer and relation to the child

·Specific standardized observational measures to be used (if any)


To ensure confidentiality of all students and lessen the impact on the learning environment, cameras or video and/or audio recording equipment are not permitted in the classroom. Observations are for a specific pupil and information about other children cannot be shared, nor used as a basis for placement, diagnosis, or imperative data specific to other children.


All observers will be accompanied to the classroom or observation location by an administrator or administrative designee. The site administrator or administrative designee may also make observational notes of the same visitation.


Our teachers will be prepared for your visit, so please arrive on time. Observers must enter through the Main Entrance. A visitor’s pass will be provided and must be worn on campus at all times. If you cannot keep your appointment please call to reschedule, as we may not be able to accommodate late arrivals. Additionally, we ask that cell phones be turned off or silenced while on campus.